BRIEF: The following is a brief description of the new configuration for the Wasp Interceptor. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I disclose this information unto you. I know this information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

AUTHOR: Major Todd "Balls" Raffray
Pilot/ Weapons and Tactics Advisor

F-110-S "Black" Wasp
TCIS Modified "Black" Wasp
Fighter/ Interceptor

The original design for the Wasp Interceptor was an anti-bomber craft, focussing on taking out enemy bombers before they were able to inflict severe damage to Confed Capital Ships. Though the Wasp excelled at its given purpose, when faced with numerous Alien fighter cover, the weaknesses of the Interceptor was evident. In order to make the Wasp more adaptable to different roles in the field, some changes were made to the overall specs.

The Wasp F-110A had several minor weaknesses that, when put together, equaled one big problem for our pilots. Under the advice/supervision of Major Raffray, the first thing modified was the ship's defenses. Though the defenses of the F-110A were moderate, when combined with the limited maneuverability of the ship, the armor and shields prove to be insufficient. Therefore, the armor on the rear, left and right sides of the ship has been boosted to match the front armor, resulting in precisely 260 cm of Durasteel on all four sides. On top of that, the ship's shield power has been increased an additional 12.5%. Overall, these improvements were sufficient to increase the ability of the Wasp Interceptor, showing a performance increase of 25% in test scenarios and combat simulations.

With new advances in weapon technology over in Confed Research and Development, we were presented with the opportunity to increase not only the defenses, but the offensive punch of the Wasp as well. The original F-110A model carried 2 Mass Drivers, 2 Tachyon Guns, and 2 Charging Mass Drivers, resulting in a weapons configuration that was only affective at short range. By stripping off all six gun hardpoints, we were able to reconfigure the loadout on the F-110-S. With some small structural alterations, we constructed four of the gun slots into two larger slots into which 2 Cloudburst Cannons were placed. While not increasing the range with the Cloudburst, the overall damage potential at in-close combat matched the original F-110-A with only 2 guns rather than 4, creating less drainage and better accuracy. With the 2 remaining gun slots, 2 Dust Cannons have been added, giving the F-110-S increased weapon range and the ability to deliver an offensive punch equaled only by that of the Vampire. With the space left over, 4 more Swarmer Pods were added, totaling 8, to go with 4 Artemis Enhanced Long Range Image Recognition Missiles.

Now, with the enhanced weapons and defenses of the "Black" Wasp combined with the return of the Booster Rocket, the Wasp has the ability to quickly reach combat and equally quickly dispatch all enemy ships, both bomber and fighter alike. In addition to the changes above, the engine configuration has been tweaked resulting in a slightly higher (10%) top speed. Thanks to new technology and the assistance of other Confed pilots, the Wasp Interceptor is now one of the deadliest ships in the Confederation.