Pilot Orientation Form 63/xl1
Primary Specifications
Welcome Pilots!

Soon you shall make your way to the TCS Cerberus for primary orientation. This brief document has been provided as an overview of the newly commissioned TCS Cerberus.

We look forward to serving with you and expect nothing but the best from your collective abilities. Keep in mind the following information is strictly confidential and for your eyes-only. All additional information, diagrams, and schematics must be accessed under the supervision of a commanding officer.

Once again, I look forward to serving with you,

Captain Enoch Murkins

TCS Cerberus - "Hades" Class Strike Cruiser (CIS):
Ships: TCS Hades (Initial prototype), TCS Cerberus
Length: 750m (?)
Cruise Velocity: 350 kps
Crew: 100* naval (CIS) crewmen. **
Max. Fighter Compliment: 30
Shuttles: 4
Primary Weapon: MK4 Heavy Plasma Cannon
Armament/Defensive Array:
  • 6x Anti-Shipping Torpedo Launchers
  • 10x Dual-Mount Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 4x Single-Mount Heavy Laser Cannons
  • 2x Dual-Mount Anti-Fighter Missile Turrets
    *Including pilots and support staff for fighter detachment.
    **The "Hades" class also has the ability to transport and deploy 2 Marine LCs and two Companies of Marines.