TO: Lt. Lance Casey, Lt. Max Garrett
FROM: Major Terrence O'Hearn

Disclaimer: I'm going to vent like a volcano with a migraine…

We have to be at the Cerberus in a day! What the hell is this all about?

I thought we saved everybody's butt back there, and what thanks do we get?

An hour of planet-side leave? NO!

A handshake, a promotion…well, you two got a promotion…and a few drinks.

I thought we were going to be up on stage with the gang at the big SOL party. I thought I was going to see my Dad.

Has anybody even seen the Cerberus?

When did we sign up for this lottery…

Sorry, I just had a bunch of plans, and this slams 'em into the dirt.



TO: Lt. Lance Casey, Major Terrence O'Hearn
FROM: Lt. Max Garrett

Aww, Zero, here let me hold you…There, that feel better now? Hmmm?

Man, for a ranking officer you whine like a Firekkan.

Besides, we're gonna be aboard the luxurious new Cerberus!…that…well…I really need to read that spec sheet.

Just think, more simulated light and hard bunk comfort!



TO: Lt. Max Garrett, Major Terrence O'Hearn
FROM: Lt. Lance Casey

I agree with you Zero, I just had to explain to my Mom why I'm not going to be there for the reunion. That is not an easy task, nor a pleasant one.

If you get us busted for more contraband, Maestro, I'm going to personally whack that smile off of your face.

Anyway, I've read the specs on the Cerberus and she sounds mean, real mean. That central cannon would have been a welcome addition to the Midway (before we got the big concentrated proton-plasma-alien-blasterizer thing anyway).

I've got to catch some Zs…