Reception Revelry for Majestic Midway

Governor Cavazos congratulates CAG

(SOL, 2681.62) The military (invite only) reception for the TCS Midway was held on 2681.61 with fanfare not seen since VK-Day over a decade ago. On hand for the festivities, the Vesuvius class carrier TCS McKinley and a full compliment of fighters provided a stunning display of piloting skill as they arced and curved around the Jupiter-1 station.

The station, specially lit by blue Xenon-Plasma floods developed by Hurston Dynamics and arranged by noted auteur Rhond Klopommel set the dramatic scene which was perfectly accented by the light show being put on by the fighters modified weaponry.

The docking ceremony lasted three hours, with the TCS Midway cresting IO to be greeted by a host of repair, refuel, and transport craft. Although the ship was obviously damaged, leaking a trail of particles visible for thousands of kilometers, the scene only reiterated the tremendous battle she had seen a matter of days earlier. There was nothing weak about her entrance.

Once the craft was safely stationed in orbit with J-1, the crew disembarked with the assistance of the shuttlecraft. Greeted with a heroes welcome, the crew was allowed several hours to settle into the Station before the official ceremony.

Among the speakers, Admiral Rayak and Governor Cavazos offered inspirational words of praise for the officers and crew of the TCS Midway. Full transcripts of their speeches are available via TCN data-node.

A hushed crowd listened carefully as they heard the news that Commodore Christopher Blair, the Heart of the Tiger, the Hero of Kilrah, is now missing, presumed dead. As a somber Governor Cavazos delivered this news, the Midway's Air Group Commander Patricia Drake made her way to the podium to give her speech. What follows are excerpts released to the general news service, for a complete transcript please note above reference:

"Thank you, Governor. I'm not one for speeches. I've given one too many as of late. Briefing after briefing, squad after squad. Each time I laid out our plans to the group and stared at the faces sitting in each of the sparkling leather chairs, the thought went through my head that some of my pilots were as fresh as the ship they served on. The second thought that stayed in my head was how many of those faces I'd never see again.

Our victory, as with all military victories, came with a price. That price was paid in the blood of our pilots, marines, and civilians caught in the crossfire. That price was paid with our innocence and our renewed false belief that we reigned supreme over the galaxy. Fortunately, we have staved off the forces that threatened our freedom, our lives. Unfortunately, we have yet again been taught the terrible lesson that we may never rest, never stop building defenses and offenses, that the Universe will never be a safe place. The best we can hope for are times like these, when peace and joy take a minute to steal our focus away from the terrors that threaten us from every unexplored dark corner.

This welcome home is much appreciated, however I wish Commodore Blair, Colonel Jacob Manley, Lt. Jack Slayton, and the thousands who have lost their lives could be here to join us for this grand gesture.

I don't care what kind of drink you have in your hand right now, but take the time to raise your glass, and silently drink to the memories of lost heroes. Thank you, and here's to peace stealing our focus for a longer time."

Following Commander Drake's speech a rousing round of applause went up through the gallery. The rest of the evening was highlighted by several awards, a brief on the launch of the new Confed Cruiser Cerberus and entertainment for the tired crew.

The Midway should be making its way for the TSY Arcology after five days of cursory repairs. As always, look to ISDN to keep you informed of all the latest details.