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New Questions for Week 50 (starting 08/09/98):

Question 99: From what location was a bio-convergence chemist, a Dr. Brody, abducted in 2673 and where was she found?

Question 100: From what locations was Commodore Christopher Blair abducted and found again in 2681?

Bonus 50: Name any other person who has been held in captivity and briefly describe the circumstances. One credit (three points) per person, Dr. Body and Christopher Blair may be used if you provide different circumstances that those described above.

Please email answers.

Week One:

Question 1: What is the real name of the 'Asteroid Fighter' from WC3?
Answer: k'Ha'Haf

Question 2: Name the Kilrathi equivalents to the Confederation Dart, Javelin, Spiculum and Pilum.
Answer: Paw, Stalker, Claw and Fang

Week Two:

Question 3: In WC3 during the first Magnum Launch -- which Flash sleeps through and where the Excalibur prototype collects dust -- what pilot from the Victory always dies as you launch (I just want his callsign)? Hint: the callsign is an animal name.
ANSWER: Weasel

Question 4: Each year the Confederation holds a Gunnery, Combat and Munitions competition. This annual presentation of Confed's best officers showcases the finest in a variety of military fields. Where was this competition held in the year 2669 (I'm looking for a sector name)? Hint: the answer is found in one of the WC manuals.
ANSWER: Selyan Sector

Bonus Question 1: How many Bengal Class Strike Carriers can you name? One point for each correct ship. Hint: they are not all found in the PC version of WC1.
ANSWER: LOAF had the most correct answers naming eight Bengal Class Carriers. The TCS Tiger's Claw, TCS Kipling, TCS Kyoto, TCS Hornet's Next, TCS Eagle's Talon, TCS Exeter, TCS Trafalgar and TCS Wolfhound.

Week Three:

Question 5: Name the top three heaviest fighters we've flown during the Wing Commander games. Note 1: I can't find accurate comparable stats for them, so Privateer, Righteous Fire and Privateer 2 ships do not count in this question.
ANSWER: The Broadsword comes it the heaviest at an incredible 100 tonnes, then the Crossbow at 40 and the Dragon in third at 26 tonnes.

Question 6: Blair met a vet in a bar on Nephele in 2672 who asked him for a drink. What ship did that vet fly off of during the Kilrathi War?

Bonus 2: What are the names of the Kiowan and Chirichan Pirate Bases in Tri-System of Irrulan, Isaac and Hom? Hint: there is one Kiowan and one Chirichan base. Note: two points for each base.
ANSWER: Draknor and Kastagan

Week Four:

Question 7: Which Confederation Heavy Fighter, that was also available to a Special Operations Heavy Carrier TCS Lexington, had a stripped version being used as a Militia Light Fighter in the Gemini Sector? Hint: it isn't the Arrow or Wraith.
ANSWER: Gladius

Question 8: What was Jazz's real name and rank?
ANSWER: Major Zach Colson

Bonus 3: Name each mission where we encountered a Kilrathi Scout Frigate.
ANSWER: Locanda 3 (Rescue Flint) and Caliban 2 (Stop Scout Fleet)

Week Five:

Question 9: Several weeks after the Tiger's Claw was destroyed in 2656, what was the name of the warship Prince Thrakhath was using as his Flagship?
ANSWER: Hha'ifra

Question 10: During the Border Worlds/Black Lance Incident in 2672, what class was the Confederation Carrier undergoing repairs in the Speradon System?
ANSWER: Concordia Class

Bonus 4: What is the real name of Carrier mentioned in Question 10? (three points)
ANSWER: TCS Princeton

Week Six (starting 10/5):

Question 11: On this date (October 5) in the year 2655, the Firekkan System was invaded by the Kilrathi for the Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony. Which System did the TCS Tiger's Claw jump to in order to trick the Kilrathi into believing they had left the Sector? Hint: this was also where they began covertly using Dralthi fighters acquired from the defection of the KIS Ras'Nik'hra.
Answer: The Corsair System

Question 12: What systems were the TCS Tiger's Claw and TCS Concordia destroyed or forced down in?
Answer: The Claw went down in K'Tithrak Mang, the Concordia in Vespus.

Bonus 5: Which Kilrathi planets defected to the Terran Confederation during or about the time of the Confederation Enigma Campaign. Note: one point each.
Answer: Ghorah Khar, K'arakh, N'Tanya and Shariha

Bonus 6: Name as many drinks from Wing Commander as you can. Note: Half a point each.
Answer: LOAF has named nearly 60 drinks so far

Week Seven (starting 10/12):

Question 13: Where and when was Major Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka born? She would have been in her early forties by the time of WC4.
Answer: 2630/2631 in Japan

Question 14: In 2666 Spirit sacrificed her life after suffering serious sabotage to her Sabre. What System was liberated from the Kilrathi due in large part to her actions?
Answer: Heaven's Gate

Bonus 7: What were Spirit's last words? Note: Five points for Spirit's way, two and a half for just Blair's translation (five points max).
Answer:Tengoku de omachishi te imasu - I'll wait for you in Heaven

Week Eight (starting 10/19):

Question 15: What Confederation medal did Admiral Terrell of Perry Naval Base award a Privateer in 2669?
Answer: The Terran Confederation Medal of Freedom

Question 16: Name the fastest fighter commonly seen in the Gemini Sector near the end of the Kilrathi War.
Answer: Stiletto

Bonus 8: What former Governor in Gemini was wanted for selling fighters to pirate and other illegal groups?
Answer: Governor Menesch

Week Nine (starting 10/26/1997):

Question 17: In what system did we confirm one of the very first Kilrathi Skipper Missile launchings at a Confed Capital Ship?
Answer: Orsini System

Question 18: What is the name and registry number of the first ship lost to the Black Lance Flash-Pak device?
Answer: Amadaeus MOD SB-71

Bonus 9: Name the first planet infected with the Black Lance GenSelect Bioweapon.
Answer: FT957 Telamon

Week Ten (starting 11/2/97):

Question 19: What was the power output of the Behemoth as in how much energy was focused on one point when it was fired?
Answer: 500 million gigawatts

Question 20: What was the official technical designation for the Temblor Bomb? Hint: the answers to both Q19 and Q20 are found in Briefings.
Answer: accepting answers similar to YZ-2A1

Bonus 10: And in celebration of our tenth week, a question where most of you should be able to get a lot of points. Name every ship ever seen or heard in Wing Commander. Registry numbers count in the absence of a ship name but are not required when you do have the name, the eight digit serial numbers in Privateer 2 do not (but all other Privateer names do). Note: each answer is worth 0.1 points (and it helps me if you can list the source of where you got the ship:).
Addendum: This was left out of the Newsgroup Posting of the questions.. but "ship" also refers to starbases and the like in Wing Commander.
Answer: I'm still tallying the results, LOAF is in the lead

Week Eleven (starting 11/9/1997):

Queston 21: How many fighters did the first Bengal Class Strike Carrier, TCS Tiger's Claw, carry?
Answer: 104 fighters

Question 22: What was the fighter complement of a Kilrathi Fralthra Class Cruiser?
Answer: 40 fighters

Bonus 11: How many fighters did the Kilrathi Hakaga Dreadnoughts carry coming into the Battle of Earth?
Answer: 288 fighters

Weeks Twelve and Thirteen (startings 11/23/97):

For all six questions the correct answer is the person who said each quote.

Question 23: "Used to be a pilot myself... till the fleabags shot me up so bad I couldn't fly." Hint: WC1
Answer: Shotglass

Question 24: "And if Maniac gives you any trouble, you have my permission to blast him out of the sky..." Hint: WC1
Answer: Colonel Peter Halcyon

Question 25: "I like ferrets, they're quick and light..." Hint: WC2
Answer: Captain Elizabeth "Shadow" Norwood

Question 26: "It looks like some kind of video virus, or should I say worm..." Hint: WC3
Answer: Lieutenant Ted "Radio" Rollins

Bonus 12: "Such 'accidents' are common in our family..." Hint: WC2
Answer: I gave three points for Thrakhath and two points for The Emperor because both were talking in the conversation where this line was said.

Bonus 13: "Look, doctor, I know how to do things, but not how I know how to do them. I've got no past..." Hint: P2
Answer: Ser Lev Arris

Questions for Week Fourteen (starting November 30, 1997):

Question 27: What rank did Peter Halcyon, former Wing Commander of the Tiger's Claw, hold before he died?
Answer: General

Question 28: What rank did Gash Dekker hold aboard the BWS Intrepid during the Border Worlds incident with Confed?
Answer: Lieutenant Colonel

Bonus 14: What was Janet "Sparks" McCullough's rank near the end of the Enigma Campaign while serving aboard the TCS Concordia?
Answer: Chief Petty Officer

Answers for Weeks 15 and 16 (starting week of 12/14/97):

Question 29: What kind of fighter was used in the assault on the Venice System Starbase, Kilrathi Vega Sector Headquarters, in 2654?
Answer: Rapier Class Medium Attack Fighter

Question 30: What fighter was flown in the attack at K'Tithrak Mang, Kilrathi Enigma Sector Headquarters, in 2667?
Answer: Sabre Heavy Attack Fighter

Question 31: Name the type of fighter that was used to destroy Kilrah in 2669 with the Temblor Bomb.
Answer: Excalibur Class Heavy Space Superiority Fighter

Question 32: What type of fighter craft was used to destroy the TCS Vesuvius in 2672 with the Flash-Pak?
Answer: Dragon Class Heavy Space Superiority Fighter

Bonus 15: What fighter was flown in the strike against the Mandarin Base at Ayer's Rock in 2667?
Answer: Morningstar Class

Bonus 16: Name the pilot that participated in each of the actions mentioned above.
Answer: Christopher Blair

Answers for Week 17 Questions (week starting 12/21/97):
(specific dates are not necessary)

Question 33: In what year was first contact made with the Kilrathi?
Answer: 2629 (formally)

Question 34: When was the Terran/Firekkan Treaty signed?
Answer: 2655

Bonus 17: When did the Confederation discover the race they codenamed the Double Helix?
Answer: 2654

Answers to Questions for Week 18 (starting 12/28/97):

Question 35: Describe how Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka died.
Spirit died during the mission to "retake" the captured Heaven's Gate Starbase. Her Sabre had been sabotaged. Due to their presence in hostile space she could not eject. After suffering critical damage disabling her craft and killing her turret gunner, she afterburned into the Heaven's Gate Base exploding all her torpedoes on impact.

Question 36: Describe how Laurel "Cobra" Buckley died.
Cobra was killed by Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas aboard the TCS Victory following her discovery that Hobbes was transmitting classified data to the Kilrathi. In trying to prevent his escape back to the Kilrathi, she was gutted on the flight deck.

Bonus 18: How did Geoffrey Tolwyn die?
Space Marshall Tolwyn hung himself following the Border Worlds Incident in 2672. He was awaiting excution after being convicted of crimes against humanity.

Answers to Questions for Week 19 (starting 01/04/98):

Question 37: After being convicted of negligence in 2656, what System or Starbase was Christopher Blair sent to serve out his sentence.
Answer: Caernarvon Station in the Gwenydd System

Question 38: What was Gilkarg nar Kiranka's punishment after losing the Sivar Dreadnought that destroyed the Goddard Colony?
Answer: Execution

Bonus 19: Name a famous mob boss of the Gemini Sector.
Answer: Roman Lynch and Simon Kroiz are correct answers that were submitted

Question 39: What is Christopher Blair's official callsign?
Answer: Maverick

Question 40: What human helped pick Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas' callsign?
Answer: Downtown and/or Blair

Bonus 20: Have you filled out and sent in the Wing Commander Convention Survey? Hint: the survey is at both the Homepage and Introspection's Wing Commander Home Sector.
Answer: there's a very short extension on this question.

Answers to Questions for Week 21 (starting 01/18/98):

Question 41: Which Kilrathi Priestess prophecied the return of the star gods?
Answer: Kt'lan

Question 42: Who was one Kilrathi who tried to assassinate Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka?
Answer: Both Khasra nar Kiranka and Baron Jukaga nar Ki'ra were submitted and are correct.

Bonus 21: Name as many Kilrathi and Confederation awards and medals, not ribbons, as possible.
Answer: LOAF submitted 28 Medals, they all look good, but I'm in the process of confirming them now.

Answers to Questions for Week 22 (starting 01/25/98):

Question 43: What weapon formed the keel of the Confederation Class Dreadnoughts such as the TCS Concordia? It was developed in the mid 2650's from a weapon found in the wreckage of the Sivar Dreadnought. Due to continual problems, Confed began retiring them in 2665.
Answer: Phase-Transit Cannon

Question 44: What weapon owes its power to the high-capacity trifluxoid generators incorporated within?
Answer: Flux Beam (MarkI and MarkII)

Bonus 22: The first Confederation Stealth Fighter prototype featured what special warhead that was integral to its design?
Answer: MX-27BC Guided-proton Warhead

New Questions for Week 25 (starting 02/15/98):

Answers to Questions for Week 23 (starting 02/01/98):

Question 45: In the mid 2650's what TCS Tiger's Claw pilot transferred aboard the TCS Austin as its Wing Commander?
Answer: Jeannette "Angel" Devereaux

Question 46: Name two members of the test squadron that partipated in the trial runs of the Morningstar Heavy Fighter aboard the TCS Concordia.
Possible Answers: Todd "Maniac" Marshall, Maria "Minx" Grimaldi, Jeffrey "Talon" Burkheimer and Markham "Crossbones" Colt

Bonus 23: Name as many Confederation Squadrons from Wing Commander as you can. Each is worth 0.5 points.
Answers: LOAF had 66 Squadrons, Midnight 64 and Brain 62 among many others who did exceptionally well

Question 47: How long is a Confederation Class Dreadnought?
Answer: 983.7 meters

Question 48: How long is a Midway Class MegaCarrier?
Answer: 1830 meters

Bonus 24: How long are most Bengal Class Strike Carriers?
Answer: 690 meters (the Tiger's Claw was longer than all other Bengals at 700 meters)

Answers to Questions for Week 25 (starting 02/15/98):

Question 49: Name a planet or star system dusted by Kilrathi biological warheads during 2669.
Answer: Locanda, Trafalgar or Delius

Question 50 Name a planet that was attacked with Kilrathi strontium-90 nuclear bombs in 2668.
Answer: Warsaw, Gilead or Sirius Prime

Bonus 25: Name a planet that was proton bombed early in the Kilrathi War.
Answer: Mylon II

Answers to Questions for Weeks 26 and 27 (starting 03/01/98):

Name the person who said each quote:

Question 51: "Formations, uniforms, medals, wingmen... that's all sheepdip..."
Answer: Captain Ian "Hunter" St. John

Question 52: "But I'm just a reservist! I'm not supposed to fly combat missions!"
Answer: Captain Elizabeth "Shadow" Norwood

Question 53: "My gratitude for your trust in me is endless."
Answer: Colonel Lord Ralgha "Hobbes" nar Hhallas

Question 54: "Colonel, you remember our bet?"
Answer: Captain William Eisen

Bonus 26: "Let's go find us a Maniac, shall we?"
Answer: 1st Lieutenant Jean "Stiletto" Talvert

Bonus 27: "No Mission from which you return is a total failure. Remember that." Hint: this quote was said in 2654
Answer: Major Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka

Answers to Questions for Week 28 (starting 03/08/98):

For each question, be as specific as possible.

Question 55: What are two Kilrathi fighters that used the Meson Blaster?
Possible Answers: Gothri, Darket, Dralthi IV, Vaktoth, Strakha, Ekapshi, K'ha'haf and Sorthak

Question 56: What are two Kilrathi fighters with cruising speeds that exceed 450 kps?
Possible Answers: Dralthi, Shok'lar and Kor-larh. However we also decided to accept maximum non-afterburner speeds under standard engine power so Salthi, Darket, Strakha, Bloodfang, Hhriss, Jrathek and Dralthi were also correct.

Bonus 28: Describe as many different versions of the Kilrathi Dralthi fighter as possible. If model numbers were not given, please supply distinguishing characteristics.
Answer: LOAF came up with 20 different Dralthi, Nighthawk with 10 and Midnight, Brain and Warrior tied with 9. The average was 6.1.

Answers to Questions for Week 29 (starting 03/15/98):

Question 57: During the Border Worlds Conflict, Christopher Blair escorted a distressed Kilrathi convoy to their new homeworld in what system?
Answer: Pasqual

Question 58: In 2681 the TCS Midway discovered the remnants of a small Kilrathi fleet that had been destroyed by unknown aliens. Where were the remains of this fleet found?
Answer: H'rekkah

Bonus 29: In 2669 a Steltek Drone wiped out a Kilrathi strike force patroling the Kilrathi/Confed border. In what Sector and Quadrant was this border located?
Answer: Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector

Answers to Questions for Week 30 (starting 03/22/98):

Question 59: In what nebula did the TCS Victory hide in while undertaking offensive operations in 2669?
Answer: The Caliban Nebula

Question 60: In what nebula did the BWS Intrepid run through while running from the TCS Lexington during the Border Worlds Conflict.
Answer: The Silenos Nebula

Bonus 29: In what system's asteroid fields did the TCS Concordia power down for repairs in before striking K'tithrak Mang.
Answer: The Enigma System

Answers to Questions for Week 31 (starting 03/29/98):

Question 61: Who is Ches M. Penney?
Answer: The famous Confed cryptologist who decrypted the Kilrathi message that warned the Terrans about a possible attack at McAuliffe.

Question 62: Who is Jean Talvert?
Answer: 1st Lieutenant Jean "Stiletto" Talvert is one of the pilots aboard the Midway in 2681. After the Valgard Incident she was promoted to Squadron Commander of the Diamondbacks.

Bonus 31: Who is Vance Richards?
Answer: Vance Richards has played an important role in many historical events. He was at the McAuliffe Ambush Engagement in 2634 before becoming a ship captain. Eventually he was promoted to head of Confed Intel and was part of the team that detected the secret Hakaga force under construction in 2668. He was serving the Border Worlds Navy during the Border Worlds Incident in the early 2670's.

Answers to Questions for Week 32 (starting 04/05/98):

Question 63: In what system is a Kilrathi 'Asteroid' Base located?
Answer: Acceptable locations included Delius, Locanda, Ayer's and Kilrah

Question 64: In what system is a Confederation Communications Station or Relay located?
Answer: Acceptable locations included Orestes, Hhrass and Hellespont

Bonus 32: Where have Steltek relics been found?
Answer: The two most common answers were Mars and the Delta Prime System

Answers to Questions for Week 33 (starting 04/12/98):

Question 65: After her flight deck was damaged by a bomb, what Confed Base sent fighters to assist the TCS Concordia while it was being pursued by a Kilrathi task force?
Answer: Caernarvon Station

Question 66: What Confed Carrier supplied a wing of Rapiers to assist the TCS Tiger's Claw against a Fralthi in the Venice System?
Answer: The TCS Kyoto

Bonus 33: Name an Escort Carrier that arrived late during the Battle of Earth to reinforce the remains of the Third Fleet.
Answer: Most people who got this question correct submitted 'TCS Tarawa'

Answers to Questions for Week 34 (starting 04/19/98):

Question 67: What is the first line of the Confederation Oath of Service?
Answer: I am the heart of the Confedration.

Question 68: What does "Ek'rah skabak erg Thrak'Kilrah maks Rag'nith" mean translated into Terran English?
Answer: For the glory of Kilrah, the Emperor and the Empire.

Bonus 34: Xavier Shondi's name was spelled "with an X." What was Lev Arris with in his first meeting with Shondi? Hint: it's not L or A. Answer: "Lev Arris.. with a 'why'..."

Answers to Questions for Week 35 and 36 (starting 05/03/98):

Question 69: Name one Kilrathi capital ship that had a capital ship missile launcher.
Answer: Submitted answers included the Corvette, Destroyer and Dreadnought

Question 70: Name one Confederation capital ship with a capital ship missile launcher.
Answer: Submitted answers included the Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Light Carrier and Midway Class MegaCarrier

Question 71: How many anti-matter guns does a Confederation Class Dreadnought have?
Answer: Eight

Question 72: How many laser turrets does a Midway Class MegaCarrier have?
Answer: Twenty-five

Bonus 35: Name any capital ship, besides the Midway Class, with more than 10 guns.
Answer: Submitted answers included the Confed Cruiser, Confed Light Carrier, Bengal Class Strike Carrier, Concordia Class Fleet Carrier, Confederation Class Dreadnought, Confed SuperCarrier Kilrathi Cruiser, Kilrathi Heavy Destroyer, Kilrathi Dreadnaught, Orca, Leviathan, Kraken and Tiamat

Bonus 36: Name a capital ship with shields stronger than the equivalent of 7000 cm of durasteeel.
Answer: The most commonly submitted answer was the Kilrathi Dreadnought

Answers to Questions for Week 37 (starting 05/10/98):

Question 73: What is a capital ship that can maintain 250 kps?
Answer: Submitted answers included the Confed Gilgamesh Class Destroyer, Kilrathi Kamekh Class Corvette and Ralatha Class Destroyer and the Alien Barracuda Corvette

Question 74: What is a capital ship that has at least two Tachyon Cannons?
Answer: Submitted answers included the Confederation Paradigm Class Destroyer and Kilrathi Kamekh Class Corvette and Heavy Destroyer

Bonus 37: Name as many proper names (not class names) for Kilrathi ships as possible.
We're still tallying the last few peoples' lists. The larger lists averaged a few dozen Kilrathi capital ship names.

Answers to Questions for Week 38 (starting 05/17/98):

Question 75: Who was to lead the first assault on Olympus Station when the Kilrathi tried to retake Ghorah Khar in the later '60's.
Answer: Khasra nar Kiranka

Question 76: Who coordinated the Kilrathi defense of E'loy in 2681?
Answer: I accepted N'Sharr, J'Ron or the T'agg A'Bren Clan

Bonus 38: What two Kilrathi were to succeed the Emperor before Thrakhath? (both are required for full points)
Answer: Prince Kalralahr Gilkarg nar Kiranka and Prince Ratha nar Kiranka

New Questions for Week 39 (starting 05/24/98):

Question 77: What did some pilots report to be a potentially hazardous design flaw during the test flights of both the Rapier Class Medium Attack Fighter in 2654 and Excalibur Class Heavy Space Superiority Fighter in 2669?
Answer: light armor

Question 78: What problem was affecting the Moringstar test flights by the Wild Eagles Squadron in 2667 causing them to be escorted by Sabres from the TCS Concordia during their test runs?
Answer: Random Jump Failure (jump engines not working)

Bonus 39: What do ITTS and ICIS stand for? (both are required for full points)
Answer: Inertial (or Improved) Targeting and Tracking System (I didn't give full credit for "Intelligent" or "Integrated") and Integrated Combat Information System

Answers to Questions from Week 40 and 41 (starting 06/07/98):

Question 79: Name a planet orbiting a Quasar, keeping them from sending a distress call in the event of an emergency.
Answer: Loki VI

Question 80: What sort activity was preventing communication between the TCS Concordia and Niven when Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn needed a communications packet sent?
Answer: Sunspot Activity

Question 81: The Colony Communication Center on what planet was destroyed by the new Aliens, code named Nephilim, in 2681?
Answer: Kilrah 6

Question 82: Name one of the principal Communications Relays in the Kur'u Caxki Quadrant, Kilrah Sector.
Answer: I accepted the H'hrass Relay

Bonus 40: What part of the base on McAuliffe was not functioning in 2634, forcing Alexandria to deploy its docked ships late when the orders had to be delivered by courier?
Answer: The Translight Burst Communication System was down, however I also accepted answers that showed a healthy knowledge of Action Stations

Bonus 41: What magazine was produced by the Quanntum 3 Artificial Publisher?
Answer: Victory Streak

Answers to Questions from Week 42 and 43 (starting 06/21/98):

Question 83: How many Snakeir Class Carriers were sighted participating in the 2656 Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony at Firekka?
Answer: I accepted five, the number sighted during Secret Missions 2: Crusade

Question 84: What Confed ship was working closely with the TCS Tiger's Claw in the Firekkan System during the 2656 Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony at Firekka?
Answer: None. There was no 2656 Sivar-Eshrad Ceremony at Firekka. It was the Sivar Eshrad in 2655 that the Tiger's Claw participated in there. I accepted TCS Austin because nobody except LOAF caught that.

Question 85: What three Confed capships were the regular escort for the TCS Victory during most of 2669?
Answer: TCS Conventry, TCS Sheffield and TCS Ajax

Question 86: How many Nephilim Tiamat Class Dreadnoughts were sighted during the Alien's incursions through the primary Wormhole Gate in orbit of Kilrah in 2681?
Answer: Two

Bonus 42: Name a Gilgamesh Class Destroyer that worked with or escorted the TCS Concordia during its Engima Sector fighting.
Answer: Correct answers included the TCS Beowulf, TCS William Tell, TCS Hector, TCS Gilgamesh and TCS Leningrad

Bonus 43: Name each type of Confed capship that intercepted the BWS Intrepid while it attempted to run past the Ella Superbase during the Border Worlds Conflict.
Answer: Destroyer, Frigate and Cruiser

Answers to Questions from Week 44 (starting 06/28/98):

Question 87: What system that the TCS Victory cleaned out in 2669 did Confed decide to use as a staging area because of its Jump lines to Kilrah?
Answer: the Freya System

Question 88: Where was a Confed fleet assembling to destroy the Steltek Drone harassing the Gemini Sector in 2669?
Answer: Blockade Point Tango

Bonus 44: In what region of space were the Kilrathi building the Hakaga SuperCarriers?
Answer: the space formerly occupied by the Hari

Answers to Questions from Week 45 (starting 07/05/98):

Question 89: What female Confed pilot was killed in the 2666.356 assault that liberated the Heaven's Gate System?
Answer: Major Mariko "Spirit" Tanaka

Question 90: What female Confed pilot was killed following attack that destroyed the Mandarin base Ayer's Rock?
Answer: Captain Maria "Minx" Grimaldi

Bonus 45: What female Confed officer was killed during the mission to rescue the Firekkan hostages in orbit of Ghorah Khar following the failed 2655 Sivar-Eshrad ceremony?
Answer: Lieutenant Gwen Larson

Answers to Questions from Week 46 (starting 07/12/98):

Question 91: Where were you supposed to email aboat Sorthak sightings in 2669?
Answer: tcn@vega.intell.ships

Question 92: What did 2681 intelligence reports indicate the main purpose of the Skate-M craft was?
Answer: It was primarily a mine layer

Bonus 46: What base does the Midway scan with an SWACS before assaulting in 2681?
Answer: Dula 7

Answers to Questions from Week 47 (starting 07/19/98):

Question 93: What Kilrathi Listening Post did Christopher Blair and Jeannette Devereaux assault together in the Engima System in 2667?
Answer: Korah Pokh

Question 94: From what Naval Base did Major Leeward Washington launch in order to recon the Kilrah System on 2681.019 at 2132?
Answer: Tal'q

Bonus 47: The captured Confederation Base in what system was taken out single-handedly by Major Mariko Tanaka in 2666?
Answer: Heaven's Gate

Answers to Questions from Week 48 (starting 07/26/98):

Question 95: What type of Kilrathi capship blocked Christopher Blair and Ian St. John's path in 2654 when they set out to destroy the Kilrathi Vega Sector Headquarters?
Answer: a Fralthi Cruiser/Light Carrier

Question 96: What kind of Kilrathi capships were blocking the way to Ayer's Rock when Christopher Blair and Todd Marshall attacked the base in Morningstars?
Answer: two Kamekh Corvettes

Bonus 48: Name all the Alien capships that blocked the jump point from Hrissith to Kilrah, the fleet that the Midway destroy with the Plasma Cannon (one point each).
Answer: a Triton Transport, Barracuda Corvette, Orca Destroyer, Hydra Cruiser and Leviathan Carrier

Answers to Questions from Week 49 (starting 08/02/98):

Question 97: Name three Confederation Fighters or Bombers that have a max speed of 480 kps (default). Answer: Epee, Tigershark and Wasp

Question 98: Name two Confederation Fighters or Bombers that have a max speed of 360 kps (default). Answer: Scimitar and Shrike

Bonus 49: Name a missile or rocket that can do better than 3000 kps. Answer: Dragonfly Rocket

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