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NameLocationPoster SinceTotal PostsIncrease
Christopher ReidSeattle, Washington, USAJune 26, 199627,38328
Kris VanheckeBelgiumFebruary 28, 19987,3201
Octavio Motta (Delance)Rio de Janeiro, BrazilOctober 25, 19967,0130
Edward PangSaskatchewan, CanadaJanuary 19, 19985,5380
Karl \"CFF\" FrankSalzburg, AustriaNovember 18, 19975,32379
SX GloryMontreal, CanadaMay 27, 19984,5142
Kelvin LimSingapore, AsiaOctober 16, 19963,8930
Gene TangCanadaJanuary 22, 19963,6790
Bandit LesnickAshton, Maryland, USAJune 13, 19963,3940
Jeffrey MachottCache, Oklahoma, USAJune 13, 19982,9070
Dan Poore (Death)South Carolina, USAMay 4, 19972,18236
Ed FilhoRio de Janeiro, BrazilNovember 16, 19981,8590
Barrie AlmondSouthampton, EnglandMay 12, 19971,6191
Tyler Smith (TC)Vancouver, B.C., CanadaJuly 13, 19981,29673
Rajan RagupathyDunedin, New ZealandJune 17, 19971,1520
Mike BrunerHockessin, Delaware, USAFebruary 5, 19979890
Leonid Leonov (The Doc)Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USANovember 19, 19985920


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Posters are added by request. At this time, we are currently adding regulars with 1000 posts to their credit or a year and 500 posts. We will try to update the post count about once a week. This page is not meant to promote "pointless" posts on, just to acknowledge people who have contributed much to the Newsgroup over time. No-substance posts are discouraged. If a name is in parenthesis, it is a posting name. We are currently working on obtaining the montly post tallies for May through December 1995. If anyone finds out how to do that we would appreciate it. The "Previous Update" date is supplied to complement the "Increase" column. Please send any questions or comments to Chris Reid. Thanks to Barrie Almond for data compilation.

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