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Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2: The Darkening

The CIS is the military/police force charged with maintaining order in the Tri-System, both on- and off-planet. However, it has recently come under much criticism and become the butt of many jokes, because of suspected corruption and collusion with the Kindred.

As Tri-System trade has grown and colonies on far-flung moons and stations have multiplied, the CIS has found its forces spread increasingly thin — evidenced by its frequent requests for mercenary assistance. With four active pirate clans, the ultra-secretive Kindred, constant policing of civil wars on Anhur and Karatikus, and general space-traffic control, the CIS is falling behind. This is partly due to a shrinking budged, but probably also related to simple growth — as the organization becomes larger, it becomes increasingly difficult for upper-level officials to police and direct all agents.

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