Wing Commander Album Well Under Way Update ID

It's been a productive two weeks for Origin composer George Oldziey since the successful conclusion of his campaign to create a second Wing Commander album. Most of the orchestral portions of the album are already in work, and George details where in the WC games these pieces originate from below. He's also firming up plans for the live jazz recordings with the goal of wrapping up the album around the end of the year. An audio sample of the new music is also included below. If you have any favorite tracks you hope might be able to make it in, hit the discuss link and comment!
Greetings all! I just wanted to update you on the headway I've made in terms of creating the orchestrations for the eventual orchestral recording. So far I have 13 "cues" finished and ready to send off for formatting. They total about 22 minutes of music so far (my goal is a full 30 minutes of orchestral music).

So far, I've done 2 cut scenes from WC3 (Destruction of Kilrah and the Kilrathi surrender), 2 cut scenes from WC4 (Landing on Telemon to discover the biogenic weapon and Blair escaping from the scene when he discovers Tolwyn's betrayal), as well as more mission and combat music from WC3,4 and Prophecy. If you have any favorites let me know! I've already incorporated some suggestions.

As soon as the scores are formatted and PDFs are created I can send them out as rewards. The bar music recording will probably take place mid November or early December. I'll give an exact date soon. The CD and digital downloads of the bar music and MIDI mockups will most likely be sent out around Christmas or New Years.

Thank you all again so VERY much for your wonderful support! I'll once again make sure that you all will have a great product!

Musically yours,


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