Reckoning Gives Out Birthday Treats

In celebration of the second birthday of the Reckoning mod for Freelancer, Bob has sent in a variety of goodies showing off some of the amazing work done for the mod.
It's Reckoning's second birthday, and to celebrate we're launching a veritable media blitz! As the team puts the final touches on the next release, we've taken the time to showcase a bit of our work. Now, even those of you who don't have Freelancer can experience the vicarious thrill of combat, thanks to three DivX video clips in easily digestable installments of 3, 4 and 5 megs each!
First up we have the pictures - an InSys Rapier as created by Marc of Tarawa fame, and in-game pictures of a Demon, Hector mining base, and some Rapiers.

Now for the videos..
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