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OldiesGames Does Vengeance Of The Kilrathi Update ID

We've been following the OldiesGamesTV series of Wing Commander reviews for a number of years, and now they've completed their three-part profile of Wing Commander 2. The videos are in French, but even if you can't speak the language, seeing all of the minor differences in the game are really cool if you originally played in another language. And where you understand their words or not, it's clear that they're big Wing Commander fans that we're happy to support!

Oldies Games TV Reviews Prophecy Update ID

OldiesGamesTV is back with their in depth French language video review of Wing Commander Prophecy. Like their WC4 review, it's been broken up into two thirty minute chunks for easy watching. A lot of the space sim community is centered on English or German speaking regions, so it's nice to see people who are so passionate about the series from all around the world, whether or not you can understand exactly what he's saying. If you've never tried playing around with the different options, it's also interesting to see what parts of the HUD, options menus and captions are changed when playing with a different language selected - up to and including which ships get new names!

French Dub of WC4 DVD Playthrough Defects to the Border Worlds Update ID

DocteurJ tipped us off about the second chapter in OldiesGamesTV's high quality playthrough of WC4. Just like chapter one, this episode is spoken in French thanks to a special remixing of the audio from the CD version on top of DVD edition's high res video. Even for non-French speakers, it's pretty interesting to see how the voices are dubbed in a different country. It should even be possible to take advantage of a universal translator app to spell out any dialogue you might not remember or even listen in to what the player/narrator has to say.
Here is the reissue of Oldies Games TV #13. OGTV's subject was Wing Commander 4 on CD-ROM PC, but the game on DVD is only in English. But for your enjoyment I remade the show with videos from the DVD version and the sound of the CD release. A new way to enjoy Wing Commander 4 ... Bon visionage

Oldies Games Upgrades Its WC4 Profile Update ID

OldiesGamesTV has remade their French language profile of Wing Commander 4. The previous edition was based on the CD release, so they've remixed the English DVD edition with French voiceovers and other sound. This is really cool for Francophones who'd like to see the higher quality movies! Most of our visitors might not understand what's being spoken, but we try to provide something for Wingnuts around the world. And it's neat to see someone enjoying the game, no matter what language you speak! Part 1 is below:
Here is the reissue of Oldies Games TV # 13 # 13 ... OGTV have as subject 4 Wing commander on CD-ROM PC but this game is out in the US version dvd so only in English. But for your enjoyment I remade the show with videos from the DVD version, and the sound of the CD release, a new way to enjoy Wing Commander 4.

French Language WC4 Highlighted at Oldies Games Update ID

Jérôme Brenner tipped us off about a profile of Wing Commander 4 in the the French OldiesGamesTV video channel. It's a brief collage of WC4 cutscenes that most Wingnuts are quite familiar with, but the French dubbing is interesting to watch. Over the years we've heard from many fans who learned English so that they could hear the original game audio, but now it's English speakers' turn for a taste of the reverse. This is inherent in any video dub, but it sure is weird to watch our familiar actors' mouths move and hear a different voice come out!
Hi my Geeky Geek friends and welcome to my channel. We have prepared a very special show on the beautiful Wing commander 4 pc;-)

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