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Second Wing Commander Album Kickstarter Launched! Update ID

The campaign to create a second album of fully orchestrated Wing Commander music is now live! Origin composer George Oldziey has kicked things off with a recap of the fantastic efforts Wing Commander fans undertook in 2014. Last time, more than $46,000 was raised to enable the live recording of fantastic WC music with a full symphony. The results were well worth it, so we hope Wingnuts can pull together again to make the sequel possible! A minimum threshold of $35,000 is needed to green light the project. We will be closely following the project here and expect some cool updates to emerge as the campaign unfolds. Visit the Kickstarter here and help us make it happen!
Greetings you wonderful Wing Commander music fans! First of all, I'd like to most heartily thank those of you that took part in the historic creation of the first orchestral recordings of music from my Wing Commander scores. The results were magnificent!

I've been asked many times since then when Volume 2 would be done. This new campaign is being launched to do just that! The goal this time is to have even more of my Wing Commander music recorded with a large orchestra and choir, and released by the middle of 2017. I'm once again humbly asking for your generous support to make history again! I have a minimum target of $35,000, the same as for volume 1. However my goal is to try to raise enough funds to have the ENTIRE project recorded with orchestra and choir!

Your cherished support for volume 1 will forever be in my heart. It was truly one of the greatest moments of my entire career. Should we reach our goal, I promise to bring you a recording that matches, and even surpasses the musical success of the first project.

So, please spread the word! I'll keep you updated along the way, as well as give you live commentary from my studio of the work in progress!

Musically yours,


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