Experience WC1 Voiceovers in Sega CD Video Update ID

World of Longplays has posted a five hour playthrough of Wing Commander for the Sega CD (known as the Mega CD in Japan and Europe). Quite a few people played WC on the Super NES, but the Sega port was far less popular due to the specialized Genesis add-on hardware it required. However, this version of the game has the unique distinction of being the only non-SWC WC1 variant with full speech. Fans have posted samples of what this sounded like before, but this is the most extensive way to experience the audio without owning the game yourself. It also highlights the slightly toned down visuals and new soundtrack. Part 1 of the video is available below and Part 2 is online here.
HCl already has a Sega CD voice extractor in the archive. We're still waiting for someone to figure out how to patch speech into the DOS version! If you can't wait for that and decide the hunt down the originals, don't forget the memory cart!

Recent Updates

Wing Commander On Sale For Lunar New Year

We've seen this sale before, but not quite for this reason. GOG.com is running a Lunar/Chinese New Year event that lops 71% off the price of the Wing Commander series. (2018-02-16)

Daedalus Station Gets Major Facelift

The Maslas Brothers have kicked off their big 2018 push with a huge revamp to Daedalus Station, the home base of Wing Commander Flat Universe. There are some nice improvements to welcome in new players, plus a lot of back end rework to make future updates easier to make. Other subsections include an archive of the Destiny's Way magazine and a ship database that syncs with the actual stats of the fighters in the game. (2018-02-15)

Happy Valentine's Day

You asked for it, and here it is once again! The Love Arrow. Where would we be without it? (2018-02-14)

Check Out Kilrathi Saga's Swag

Longtime Wingnut Joshua Dworkin has put together a pretty neat unboxing video. Since this trend came along relatively recently, it's cool to see these done for classic Wing Commanders, and I don't think we've posted a Kilrathi Saga version before. Completionists will be happy to see that he's kept his unrelated reference cards and advertisements, and we get good glimpses at the awesome discs, beefy manual and super cool 2673/1997/2003/2014/2025 calendar. (2018-02-13)

Stealth Carrier Sneaks Into The News

DefianceIndustries has put together a very sleek stealth carrier that belongs to the Black Lance. He's dubbed it the Typhon, and it's strongly inspired by the Evansville class transport depicted in Wing Commander 4. The ship has been modeled in really exotic detail with nifty hexagonal hull patterns and interior items on the flight deck. (2018-02-12)

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