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1999.341 (December 7, 999)

Minor Update
I've finally fixed the Privateer 2 dates once and for all -- I extracted all the Database entries from Privateer 2, which confirm that the year is certainly 2790.

1999.340 (December 6, 999)

v.045 Update
A bit of P2 stuff.

- 2633.089 updated.
- 2489 & 2514 added.
- P2 dates fixed (again!)

1999.331 (November 27, 999)

v.044 Update
No big surprise.

- 2469 added.
- Appendix 3 updated.

1999.322 (November 18, 999)

v.043 Update
Just a tiny little update based on something from the Wing IV novel.

- 1879.022 added.

1999.313 (November 8, 1999)

v.042 Update
Mostly cosmetic changes... Appenix II is very cool.

- 3517 BC, 1850, 1950x2, 2449, 2619 & 2632x3 added.
- 2629 updated.
- Appendix II & III added.
- Appendix I updated.
- Afterword added.
- Credits added.

1999.308 (November 3, 1999)

v.041 Update
I've added internal links to the html version of the timeline, to allow for quicker navigation. The format has been changed a bit too, so it looks nicer. Other than that, a few minor Pilgrim Stars related updates...

- 2625 & 2628 added.
- 2000 updated.

1999.304 (October 30, 1999)

v.04 Update
A certain date has been discovered for Privateer 2! The previous versions of the timelines used 2795 -- but it has now been proven that the game takes place in 2789. Therefore, all Privateer 2 related entries have been moved back six years. In addition, there have been a few more minor updates. For research purposes an appendix has been added containing a table showing the dates for each Wing Commander product. It can be reached

Important: I'd like people's opinion on this -- should the Secret Ops 'lost fiction' be considered canon? If so, it would a new entry for 2607 in the current timeline.

- 1940.169 and 2462 updated.
- 1998.271 and 2633x2 added.
- 7210 BC, 210 BC, 790, 2170, 2234, 2323, 2353, 2370 and 2490 changed.

1999.300 (October 27, 1999)

v.0391 Update
Stuff from a variety of sources -- including a bit of scariness about Tolwyns ascestors and some Pilgrim Stars things.

- 1940.169, 2599, 2609, 2625, 2633 added.
- 2633.089 updated.

1999.289 (October 16, 1999)

v.039 Update
More Action Stations stuff...

- Updated 2614.
- Added 2622, 2624, 2630 and 2632.

1999.287 (October 14, 1999)

v.038 Update
A few notes on the whole Hari thing from Fleet Action have been added... cool stuff. I'll be off having a bit of surgery, but I'll be back to finish the rest of this thing soon.

- Added 2434, 2476 and 2480 entries.

1999.283 (October 10, 1999)

v.037 Update
Argh, more Action Stations stuff added before the new section goes up...

- Added 2604 entry.
- Changed 2621 entry to 2614.
- Updated 2000 entry.

1999.278 (October 5, 1999)

v.036 Update
One minor change to the first part... expect the next parts to slowly take shape over the next few days.

- Updated 2621 entry.

1999.277 (October 4, 1999)

v.035 Update
A few minor changes have been added, all of which come from another read-through of Action Stations.

- Added entries for 20 Million BC, 2535 & 2630.
- Changed 2630 V. Richards entry to 2631.
- Updated 1319 BC, 2594 & 2629 entries.

1999.276 (October 3, 1999)

v.03 HTML
The latest text version of the timeline is also now available in html -- you can access it on the menu at your left. The entire section is now one file, due to the fact that lots of little files were very, very annoying.

v.03 Text
Well, the best layed plans...
here's version v.03 of the initial timeline, with the following modifications.

- Added entries for 1942, 2534 (2), 2584, 2604, 2621 (2), 2629,
- Changed 2534 Yan War to c. 2300.
- Changed 2629 V. Richards entry to 2630.
- Changed 2.4 Trillion BC to 2.4 Billion BC.
- Updated 2000 & 2631 entries.
- Lots of spell checking.
- Changed FAQ format.
- Completed sources list.
- Improved formatting.

1999.222 (August 10, 1999)

Here We Go...
Well, this is the first of three expected installments of the Combat Information Center's Wing Commander Timeline. The timeline will be released over the course of the next month in three sections: the pre-war era, the war era and the post-war era. The longest and most interesting will be the war era, although the section released today, pre-war, covers the most actual time.

This portion of the timeline pretty much clears up a lot of confusing regarding the development of the jump drive, for both the human and Kilrathi histories.

There are still a few odd points, which probably need further explanation. You will notice that all Privateer 2 related items seem unusual, mainly because Privateer 2 treats the Tri-System as having a seprate human culture which evolved much earlier. There is also some strangeness relating to Admiral Wilson's birth, which is listed as having happened in the last 25th century.

Thanks go out to the rest of the CIC Staff, especially Hadrian, who did the graphics and Byydo, who rushed off at the last minute to get some information from Privateer for me.