The long awaited New Years 2001 remodel is finally here. It took me six weeks to overhaul the wall this time. As usual, I'm not happy with the photo quality.. things are dark and slightly dingy colored, but that's the best I'll get with poor lighting and an old scanner. I'm up to 115 blasters at this point.

This was one of the most major upgrades yet. I've added several shelves and moved around my lots of furniture to access twice as much wall space. I've broken up the perimeter shot into three different photos because a collage type thing wasn't working. The first shot is original wall with one new shelf, the middle shot shows the extent of where the wall used to extend to until recently and the third shot is entirely new territory. It takes up more than half of that wall and more (partially obscuring a window). I couldn't believe how easy it was to fill up all the new space.. but hopefully that just means there's a lot of room to compress things when I start getting more 2001 units.

The color is better in this one than in the previous shoots, it's not great, but it's the best photo I've scanned in. Anyhow, this is the July 22, 2000 wall. My arsenal's up to 91 Super Soakers here. Some of them are kinda hard to see, but since these are higher quality shots, I just wanted to put two up.

The traditional head on angle. I did something weird and stuck the end of another photo onto the left there. That way you can see the Super Soaker Limbo and Potato Head, among other things. There's a large pile of assorted small collectors' soakers in front of the 600's and special 50.

Sorry these two are rather dark.. I'll take some with the window open this summer. This is the March 17 rearrange. I finally solved the space problem, sorta. There are seventy guns in these two perspectives. There are some boxed guns and collectors' editions off to the left of the picture.

From left.
Top Row Left: Wacky Water Limbo, SS 300, Super Charger Pak, Super Charger Pak, CPS 3000, Dip-Stick, Power Soaker.
Top Row Right: SC 600, SC 600, Limited Edition 50, Potato Head Soaker.
Third Row Left: SC 600, SC 600, SC 500, SC 400, XP 310, XP 270, XP 40, XP 240, XP 220, XP 15.
Third Row Right: Bow & Arrow, Power Soaker Pumper II, Pool Blaster, Star Wars Rifle, Jump Rope.
Second Row Left: CPS 1000, CPS 1500, CPS 2000, CPS 3000.
Second Row Right: XXP 275, SS 200, SS 200.
Bottom Row Left: SS 40, SS 40, SS 50, SS MDS, XP 70, XP 75, XP 90, SS 100, SS 100, XP 105, XP 105.
Bottom Row Right: XP 110, XP 150, XP 250, KC 100, KC 50, XP 25, SS 20, XP 20, XP 20.

This is the wall from a head-on perspective where I stand in the same spot I took the old pictures from.

The old wall.