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ChrisReid's Super Soaker Collection

July 25, 2010: Updated pictures of my Super Soaker collection! Everything is lined up more neatly this time, and the photos are available in much higher resolution. I now have about 340 Super Soakers overall, including about 240 unique designs (the others are color variations or duplicates). My very first Super Soaker, the green and yellow 50, is pictured close up with an autograph from Super Soaker inventor Lonnie Johnson. Thanks for stopping by!

With help from Hades, I've finally lined up my Super Soaker Collection and done a proper inventory again. This was the first in a couple years. The count above was conducted on August 28, 2004 and put me at 269 Super Soakers. My total as of January 8, 2005 stands at 275, including 170 unique designs. I have a small number of other water guns as well, but these figures only refer to official Super Soaker brand water blasters. You can find a listing in Excel format here. My first 2005 model is the Soaker Tag Elite CPS Flash Flood. There are still many rare and exotic Super Soakers I'm trying to add to my collection. For more information on the world of Super Soakers, check our

Other angles of my inventory are also available: staging area, initial setup, diagonal, side angle, Hades & ChrisReid, clean up & super high res shot.

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