Your Top Five favorite Bands

1. Bad Religion (New album just came out yesterday!!!!!!)

2. Millencollin

3. Pennywise

4. Less than Jake

At the moment it's:

1. Radiohead

2. The Cooper Temple Clause

3. The Doors

4. Howling Bells

5. Editors

What the hell, I'll add some more...

6. Dandy Warhols

7. The Vines

8. Tool

9. Smashing Pumpkins

10. Sparta
1. Avenged Sevenfold
2. Trivium
3. Iced Earth
4. Thrice
5. Hehe- still love '80's Metallica, as if the name didn't give it away :)

EDIT: ****, forgot the Minibosses- those guys freakin bust out!
No particular order:
The Decemberists
Arcade Fire
The New Pornographers
Broken Social Scene.

I listen to music a lot, and these are just some of the most recent great bands in indie rock. There are dozens of other bands I really like a lot.
  1. Joy Division
  2. U2
  3. Millencolin
  4. The Get Up Kids
  5. No Use For a Name

I was a big fan of No Use For a Name's Daily Grind album because "Until it's gone" was the first song on the snowboard video "Upping the Ante" probably one of my favorites all time.
I only like a couple of songs from Daily Grind. My favorite songs are from Making Friends and More Betterness. The last couple albums were ok, too... also, they're coming to Brazil. Yay.

Your selection was pretty good too, I'm a big fan of Less than Jake. :p
I've seen Less than Jake a few times and they are always a fantastic show. I saw No Use for Name once quite a few years back at the Warped Tour, IIRC they were a good show as well.
There's more American Blind Guardian fans then you would think!

That's good to hear. Maybe they'll come on tour here more. I went to a show once, and the house was packed, but it was a small house, and the show was the only one in the entire Northeast...

There was something very cool about a house full of heavy metal fans swaying and singing along with Celtic-sounding acoustic ballads...
Blind Guardian is powermetal, and in my opinion they walk all over Rhapsody of Fire. I'm also a big fan of Demons & Wizards, but I kind of lump that in with Blind Guardian because it's a side project by BG front-man Hansi Kursch and Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth. If you're into metal at all you owe it to yourself to check out Blind Guardian.

Every one of their albums is fantastic, but I'd recommend either Imaginations From The Other Side or Nightfall In Middle Earth to start.