Yet another DVD covers...


Hi, I'm Wing Commander fan from Republic of Korea (South Korea). :p

I downloaded WC:p DVD covers from this site, but I don't like slightly blurred game titles, etc (Sorry, Shades... :eek: No offence ;) )

For that reason, I started make my own DVD covers.

(Some times ago, I make WC4's cover, but accidently deleted source file! :mad: So I'll remake WC4 cover next time...)

This is what I made for Wing Commander: Prophecy, but it remains few minor fixing.

PS) Sorry for my poor english. :cool: I'm not good at english... T.T

PS) Background space image taken from
Spacecraft and other screenshots taken from


This is my previous WC4 DVD cover for DVD Super Jewel case (That I accidently deleted original file :mad:).


These look pretty awesome.

My only nit picks are for you to tuck periods underneaths quotations, use smart quotations and try to eliminates widows and orphans in your text (this is my nitpicking after taking my Typography final earlier).

Beyond that, it kicks some chitinous Nephilim ass.
No Offense taken Demonique. Your cover looks great.:D I feel your pain though as I lost ALL my source files for my covers as well. I never had the font for Prophecy or Origin which is why they look fuzzy. What font did you use? Maybe some day I can go redo mine and fix a few things I still don't like about mine.

My only nit-pick would be to smooth out th grain of "steel" and clean up the edges of the circle of the Confed Star. Great Job just the same. :D Do you mean maybe?


Here is modified version of my cover... :)

<Front Cover>
- Completely re-worked Confed. star...
- Add shadow on "WING COMMANDER"
- Fix lighting on vampire...
- Higher contrast on background...
- Add gradients on PC DVD...

<Side Cover>
- Fix light direction on "PROPHECY"

<Back Cover>
- Change tagline...
- Change alignment...
- Fix spelling error on back cover...
(Thanks to Shades2585. Very stupid mistake... :mad:)
- minor fixes... blah... blah...

Download: prophecy_dvdalt_final_jpg.rar
(JPEG, 983 KB, 3228x2177, 24 bit, 300dpi)


Download: prophecy_dvd_label_alt_final_png.rar
(PNG, 1.23 MB, 1385x1385, 32 bit)


(PNG, 607 KB, 1500x832, 32 bit)

This is my WCP logo...

I try to find it's font, but I can't find it.

So... I draw everything in Photoshop... :p

Merry christmas :)
Great Job!:D

You drew the logo? Wow, talking about a pain. Nice job though. :-D :D

There is a font out there for Wing Commander. I bought it but lost it when I lost my HD. I never found one for Prophecy but didn’t look too hard though. If anybody knows what it is please let us know.

How did you get the copyright info on the DVD label to wrap around the edge? I could never get that to work right in Photoshop!:(

Nice editing to the front cover Looks good!. :cool:

My only nit-pic is with the star.
1) It’s not centered between the G and C
2) The circle should be further out, not touching the small points of the star and be broken by the larger points.

All in all, you did a great job. I look forward to seeing more.:cool::D