Xfinity Internet Ad Channels Spirit of the Tarsus (May 26, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
LOAF recently ran across this new advertisement for Xfinity internet service. It's a pretty mediocre 60 seconds, but the spacecraft in the beginning bears more than a passing resemblance to Privateer's Tarsus. From all angles, inside out and out, the forward cockpit section is a dead ringer for Grandpa Mack's ship! Maybe the Comcast digital artist was a Wingnut...

There’s a new Comcast commercial where it really seems like Ed Helms is flying a Tarsus.

Huh, rear view door too!

And his space armor is straight out of Super Wing Commander.

Side profile of the ship:

And here's the full ad!

Original update published on May 26, 2022
@Worf, they don't manufacture the devices but they get the lowest bidder to do it.

Also, it really looks like a Tarsus and a star destroyer had a kibash baby. I love how they associate the tarsus with "Fast"!
Whatever became of the Tarsus (and other ships) Howard Day was working on in Rogue Galaxy, anyway? I assumed that they'd be released as a mod after the game was and then there was nothing.
Most of the team moved on to other things after the console ports were released.