would you buy small model WC starfighters?


right i'm thinking of making some new 1" scale fighters(the average fighter would be about 1 inch long), but would you guys be interested in buying some, they'd be about $3 each probably in resin(with a metal like finish) or pewter(similar to the stuff games workshop gaming miniatures are made from) maybe more for very large fighters and smaller freighters and such

i'm not just trying to make a profit here, but getting them cast up is a little costly, i just wanna even it out a little

for non-wargamers i could also paint them for you for a few $$(maybe $10 for a painted based fighter) then they'd be like little statues

please list any you would like to buy if they were available, and how many you would buy(not just WC ships, but this is a WC forum)
I second that! According to my virtual shopping list, I'd take 36-78 miniatures myself. WC2 would be most important, followed up by WC1 and Privateer.

From the WC2 era:
Ferret (x2)
Epee (x2)
Rapier II (x4)
Sabre (x2)
Broadsword (x2)
Sartha (x6)
Drakhri (x6)
Jalkehi (x4)
Grikath (x2)
Clydesdale (x2)
Dorkathi (x2)
Free Trader (x2)

From WC1:
Hornet (x2)
Scimitar (x2)
Rapier (x2)
Raptor (x2)
Salthi (x4)
Dralthi (x4)
Krant (x2)
Gratha (x2)
Jalthi (x2)
Drayman (x2)
Venture (x2)
Kamekh (x2)

I wonder if the Hornet's and Raptor's guns would be robust enough, though...

And from Privateer:
Talon (x4)
Demon (x4)
Tarsus (x1)
Orion (x1)
Galaxy (x1)
Centurion (x1)

Other ships would be nice, too, like a Bengal, Durango or Waterloo - they'd have to be out of scale, of course. (The Clydesdale and Dorkathi are probably too big already.)

So, when will you ship? :p

P.S.: I'll be extremely busy for the next 2 months - if I shouldn't be able to post in here, please send me a PM! I'd definitely be interested if someone finally managed to pull that stuff off for real...
I'd actually be very interested! I'd like to see some of the WC1 and 2 era Confed fighters and some of the WC3 Kilrathi ships. I really dig the asymmetrical architecture.
Sounds good to me. I would likely buy some. Think we could write up a unit set for emlia? It's a really good open wargaming system that I think we could do WC with really well, without the constraints of Full Thrust or Starmada. I gather we'd still be left scratchbuilding capships, but that's not too bad tbh.

I agree, WC1/2 era ships please. :)

I would definitely buy some. How many? Depends of the final price, as I would like them painted. And don't forget to account the shipping rates, in my case to Portugal.
iron duke: i've made a hornet and raptor before and i used dress making pins for the guns, which isn't something i'd like to do this time, but i think i'll make them a little less acurate to make them castable

Aron figaro: the reason i started making little fighters is for a game i'm writing myself, and if the fighters go well i may do cap ships and tiny fighters

Kilrah: depending on the exchange rate i'd say 7 euros plus shipping, but as these would be small and light and coming from the UK shipping won't be much

also i'm waiting for some new plasticard to start building the ships, and i think i'll be making the tarsus from privateer, a confed and kilrathi fighter from wc2, so i have a bit of everything
I'd buy WCP/SO ships. Vampire, Panthers, etc. Sadly, I'm only 14, so I'd have to see it on Ebay and show it to them.
It would be great if you could show us some examples. May I suggest one of the following, a Broadsword, Hornet or a Dralthi.
I remember a guy a few months ago had a few metal models on eBay, they were pretty neat, but i don't think he ever mass produced them. I myself have a model Ranger class carrier made from plastic about six or so inches long. Having a wing of fighters with it would be pretty neat.