Wing Commander Prophecy: Unlimited

The plan for the MUP is to bundle it up with the open GL installer as an option. I'm planning on building ship files for WCP as well once we get it to a release candidate state.
Hey Gr1m, any chance of getting an alpha release of your latest version so I can properly turret the Vesuvius?

I'll see what I can do. That particular fix is across all games so shouldn't be a problem. My more recent updates on turret refire are prophecy only as I haven't applies to Ops yet.
I could probably wait until you get the SO code complete, I still have a few fighters to finish texturing. i'd like to see how your ROF changes effect game balance.
Just curious, but do you have any idea if there's a sort of DIY fix for errors like these? Are they fixed by your work?

Other MBM's limits are increased in the dll but not these two. I intend to add them all so yes this will get addressed.
Been a short while, life getting in the way of a good bit of coding!

Small update:
  • Laser turrets can now fire each barrel separately (WC3 style). The order the barrels fire depends on the loading order of the hardpoints on the barrel mesh.
    • Single barrel fires at a normal refire delay
    • Dual barrel fires alternate barrels every half refire delay
    • Triple barrel fires alternate barrels every third of a refire delay
    • And so on...
  • Removed cumulative refire delay for full fighter guns. Eats energy but makes previously useless alien fighters a little more deadly. (Skate clusters, Squids...)
I'd like to have a go at WC3 style fighter weapons fire. I've seen where to do it but its a little complicated.

I will try to get some footage to show.
Right, once again I've been held up, but this time by one of my previous fixes in wcpunl needing extra work. I was hitting a crash every time I reached a certain number of ships, about 200, and I couldn't track it down. Luckily I have finally nailed it down and along the way have found other limits that needed increasing to get to where I am now and learned a lot more about how the game initializes and runs. I finally feel satisfied I can show it off. I've added 800 ships so far without a crash, although beyond 500 starts causing high load and low frame-rates. I might see if I can add more efficiency later.

Here is a sneak peek with some debug I added using the games own message system:
My goodness, and I thought things could get crazy in Standoff. Makes me think of what the skies above Coruscant might be like at the start of Revenge of the Sith...

I'm not sure, first we have to get to Coruscant!

With a quick tweak of the dust particles... Set a course for Coruscant and jump to light speed!

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To be honest, that is far more star trek like. And you call your self nerds :p

Boy that's a lot of stars between you and the station at the end :D

Very neat though.