Wing Commander in Space (July 13, 2006)

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Long Live the Confederation!
eddieb found a Yahoo!News report (here) which connects two of our favorite things -- Wing Commander and real spaceflight. Apparently Mission Control sent the STS-121 crew an e-mail suggesting appropriate video games they could play...
"Ground controllers, in a joking e-mail to the crew, suggested several games to pass the time, including "who can toss the laptop furthest down the station before it bounces off the wall" and "a few appropriate computer games" such as "Asteroids, Space Invaders or Star Wars' Wing Commander."
Star Wars? Why, I never! But it's still pretty neat... watch out for stealth fighters, Discovery.

Bret wanted to let everyone know that the full text of mission control's email can be found here.

Original update published on July 13, 2006
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Has anyone tried to find the actual email? I'd like to check if the reference is a typo in the article.

I believe that they meant to say, "Star Wars, OR Wing Commander".

What say you?
The actual e-mail is linked below the shuttle picture.

I guess this goes up there with the whole 'small step for man' mistake. :)

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