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J.L. Robert said:
I have a rather large collection of CCG's. While I only really only collect 1 or 2 at a time, I do go about trying to obtain complete sets of each one I do have. The collection also covers a wide range of subjects and genres. It takes up a lot of space at home, but, IMO, it's a heck of a better way to spend my free money than many other vices out there.

Part of collecting is trading, and I've had to conduct many, many trades, mostly online, to help fill out sets, sell off extras, or just to help out fellow collectors. I can conservatively estimate that I've made over 500 trades by post in the past 10 years, to most every state in the US and across 5 different continents.

The WC CCG is really a sideline game for me. Since there was no established structure on card limits in a deck (aside from overall deck size), I'm only estimating how many cards I'd want based on rarity, and I figure 10/4/2 for commons/uncommons/rares should be sufficient.

If any of you are able and/or willing to trade WC or any other CCG I may have, please feel free to PM me.

FYI, in case you may want to see what the ones you do not have look like, check out this website. He doesn't show them all but has most of them there.


I just found a whole starter pack for $100 on Ebay. I really wish that I didn't spend my whole paycheck on gas and groceries... I could do without a car or food for another month... *shifty eyes*


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
That price is way too high. I purchased a ton (About 8 booster packs worth, if not more) of WC CCG cards in 2004 for a lump sum of about $20


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He's talking about 12 starter packs (a full box) for $100. That's on the high side, but cheaper than the retail price would have been back in the day. You kind of have to take every card you can get if you're trying to collect now, but 12 starter packs will only get you about a quarter to third of the (rare) set if you're lucky.

Medron Pryde

I only just heard that there was a CCG for this game.


Now I just have to see if I can find a way of GETTING them...*sighs*

*Medron goes ebay checking*


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Yeah, there's lots of stuff. If you've only played a few games, a great place to start building up your collection would be the novels. They're mostly cheap and easy to find. Check out for a little bit more.
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J.L. Robert


Just wanted to say thanks a ton for helping to fill out my collection. I received your package Saturday. I'll be sending out the cards you asked for this week.

And to others, I'll be happy to work out something if any of you can supply me with any of the following cards. I'll be happy to allow Chris to serve as a broker, if he wishes to do so (to encourage fair trading).



Hellcat V - Crazy Diamond Squadron
Mr. Kat
Paladin (x 2)
Capture Transport

Accidentally Shoot Wingman
Fuel Rupture
Excalibur - Lancelot Squadron
Excalibur - Merlin Squadron
Longbow Elite - Fire Dagger Squadron
Thunderbolt Elite - Tsunami Squadron
Show Trial (x 2)
Summons from Kilrah
Too Much Vak'qu
Maniac Solution
Rock & Roll
Tachyon Gun

Zeta (x 2)


Wise Hunter (x 2)
Capture Transport (x 2)

Fuel Rupture
Hit by Own Heat-Seeker
Drakhai Paktahn - Righteous Vengeance Squadron
Drakhai Vaktoth - Deathfang's Warmate Squadron
Drakhai Vaktoth - Sivars Honored H'rai Squadron
Sorthak - Unrepentant Rage Squadron
Strakha - Hidden Dagger Squadron
Strakha - Silent Doom Squadron
Strakha - Unrelenting War Squadron
Court Martial
Shift in Battle
TNS Publicity Tour
The Glorious Hunt
Reaper Cannon
Skipper Missile
Stealth Technology


Pulsar Snarls Communications
TCS Agincourt
TCS Sheffield (x 2)
Pewter Planet

Drakhai Darket - Blood Mist Squadron (x 2)
Drakhai Dralthi IV - Death Reaper Squadron (x 2)
Change the Hunting Ground
Cruiser Shal'kuz Mang (x 2)
Destroyer Trak'hmar (x 2)
Dreadnaught Vengeance of Vukar Tag
Icon of Sivar lots of Nav Points, Uncommons and Commons for both sides.

PM me, and we can work something out!