Wing Commander Card Game - Is there a digital version?


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I was wondering if there was a digital version of the Wing Commander card game? Or if there are any nights that one could join playing on #Wingnut. I never had the opportunity to play the game or see any of the cards in real life other than postings here. But I am interested as the game seems like it would be some fun with friends.
None to my knowledge. It might be possible to make one with a VASSAL mod - I'm pretty sure I've seen some CCGs before made with VASSAL; the images of the cards most certainly exist. You might run into issues of copyright, but that's pretty much a given with any VASSAL mod out there.

Might be worth my while investigating how to build one as a side project.
It is a lot of fun! This might sound obvious, but it feels just like playing a card game version of Wing Commander. Some people have tried to digitize the game over the years, but none completed. You can find all of the cards scanned online at and further information at
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Thanks guys, I might be interested in throwing something together. I don't want to violate any copyright laws though. Thanks for the Links Chris.
You know, the more I've been thinking about, the more I think a VASSAL version of the CCG would be completely doable. I'd like to take a crack at it, methinks.

So...I guess my first question is - can anybody direct me to the previous attempts, or at least give me a quick summary as to how far along other folks got before they threw in the towel?

Second question - just as a thought, I would like to make some pre-built decks to include with the game. Does anybody have any? By which I mean this: those of you who play - what cards were in your deck as a rule? Does anybody know of any "killer decks" out there?

Cards and rules - no sweat; ChrisReid already provided links earlier in this thread. I might have to clean up some of the card images to make them square, but that's nothing a little GIMP work wouldn't fix....

EDIT: Looks like there's two or three CCGs on VASSAL. The B5 CCG appears to be the most advanced, so I'd probably emulate its mechanics as far as assembly of decks is concerned.
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Thanks. I'd actually seen those theme deck ideas and card reviews from the CIC staff before when I was going over the links on the page; I'll try to incorporate those ideas into the final product.

Here's an odd follow-up question: if I wanted to make a really crappy deck, how would I go about doing it? I might've gotten my six-year old interested in the CCG and I don't want to kick his ass the first time we play...
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Nice Capi. Well I would like to contribute if I can. Let me know if you need a hand, eg. editing the cards with gimp. help coding in VASSAL. Chis, could you move this thread to Fan Projects? - This could be fun.
I'm debating as to whether or not GIMP work would be needed or not...maybe just enough to take the scanner edges off of jetlag's cards. The "turned slightly" card look might make it look more like a bonafide card game...I don't know; it's way too early in the process to be thinking about aesthetics. First things first - I have to finish downloading all those card images.
Here's an odd follow-up question: if I wanted to make a really crappy deck, how would I go about doing it? I might've gotten my six-year old interested in the CCG and I don't want to kick his ass the first time we play...

For starters, don't use rare cards. In a sealed-deck default of 60 cards, you'll only get a couple rares. Any powerful deck will skew proportionally much higher, but you don't technically need any to play. If you want to go one step further, just use Common rarity cards. :) (say goodbye to battle damage and most luck cards) If that's still not enough, don't duplicate any Commons in your deck.
Oh right, Jetlag's high quality scans are much nicer than our scans. I don't think we have those on our server, but I'll have a look.
I suppose something I might try to do is figure out if Jetlag will let me use the images or not; he wouldn't happened to have given blanket permission to use the images at any point, would he? Also, I'm only seeing 312 different cards in the game - why does Jetlag have 319? Two more for the backs and one for the signed Mark Hamill Blair card, but what about the other four?

EDIT: Okay...there were two more signed Blairs in that set. Still leaves two more unaccounted for. Good news is that I've got the images downloaded at this point. I think the only other art assets I might need will be a good backdrop and maybe some Power Point counters.

Okay - quick question, looking for y'all with more experience with the game than me: what's the highest number of Power Points you can ever recall having at any given point in a single game? I'm trying to figure out how far up the counter should go. I'm thinking 99 is plenty, but I figured I should ask in case somebody has a different opinion.
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Two for the backs, the Blair promo, the Tolwyn promo, and three more Blair promo cards that are signed.
Ah, ok - the promo cards wouldn't be in that master list in the first place. Okay.

Promo cards are definitely going in, of course......
Wow, VASSAL is definitely worth taking a look. Didn't know this before.
Can't wait to see some TCG action
It's a pretty slick little engine. I myself have used it to make nine mods (soon to be ten :) ), four of which are up on their site. The module for Dennis Sustare's Star Smuggler, a solitaire RPG, is one of mine (and arguably the most complex mod I've built to date). VASSAL can be used for practical purposes too - the nav maps I built for the Elegy campaign were all originally built with a VASSAL mod.

GREAT way of prototyping and playtesting a game without having to spend money on real parts. I've already had a thought about the possibility of expanding the CCG mod with new cards (or maybe ships/pilots/factions from different eras), but that's just a thought. Probably oughta get the basics in before any tinkering happens (if at all).

The process of cleaning up the card images has begun. Really, all I'm wanting to do there is to clean up the edges a bit so that there aren't white borders around everything. So far I'm off to a bumpy start; I was working on the card backs yesterday and while I think the Terran back is okay, the Kilrathi back had a lot of noise in the border for some reason. I'm probably going to want some extra pairs of eyes out there once the cards are in to help look for stray pixels against the backdrop. 2 down, 312 to go...

Let me ask you guys - as far as a "tabletop" is concerned, I was thinking about going with a starfield, maybe with the "nav map" connections drawn on top of it. My current plan is to set up the Nav Point cards so that they can be randomized prior to gameplay. I've also given some thought to the possibility of having the four-player map in the mod somewhere; it wouldn't take a great deal of additional effort to add it, methinks.

Any suggestions or ideas about what needs to be in the mod or any wanted features would be most welcome.
Any suggestions or ideas about what needs to be in the mod or any wanted features would be most welcome.

Just one; be careful not to burn yourself out on all the projects you're doing. ;)

The idea of expanding the CCG is of course an awesome idea. Admiral Banbridge (or was that a book typo and supposed to be Bainbridge?), "Duke" Grecko and other characters from the novels might finally get some love.

The art though...