Wing Commander 2 Live Stream Saturday! (September 16, 2016)


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There's just one day to go until Wing Commander 2's 25th anniversary live stream! The fun gets going at noon Pacific US time (3 PM Eastern, 8 PM British Summer Time) on Twitch and continues until we successfully strike K'Tithrak Mang! Along the way, join in for trivia, commentary and guest interviews. To help get fellow fans excited, Music_Guru has dug up yet another cool classic review of WC2. This time it comes from the December 1991 issue of the German magazine Power Play. We know there's tons of hardcore Wingnuts in Germany, so this one's for you! It's a four piece spread with lots of nice screenshots. The cover even featured a preview of Strike Commander that month.

Original update published on September 16, 2016
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I remember that issue!
Ah, the nineties: Strike Commander - Chris Roberts' 20 megabyte project! :)

And I can't believed I forgot about the livestream...I even noted in my calendar :-(.


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I missed it too, I couldn't get the day off. I was pretty disappointed. I caught the replay though. Good stuff, learned a lot, and laughed a little each time Loaf was atomized by friendly fire, which, sadly, happens all too often in WC2.