Wing Commander 1 & 2 (GOG) Issue


Apologies if this has already been covered somewhere and I'm just not seeing it.

I just bought and downloaded WC 1 & 2 from (as have many of us today!). Installation went fine, but when I launch both games, after the DOSBox icon comes up and th escreen for DOSBox v0.74 appears, I only get as far as:

Wing Commander:
Drive C is mounted as local directory .\
1 kb allocated.
Loading WING COMMANDER. Please wait...
Expanded Memory Detected.

Wing Commander 2:
Drive C is mounted as local directory .\
32 kb allocated.
Loading WING COMMANDER 2. Please wait...
Expanded Memory Detected.

And that's it. I don't get past that part with either WC 1 or WC 2. I can Alt-Tab myself back to Windows, but the games don't load. Privateer works fine, as do other games from gog (like Freespace, which I don't believe is using DOSBox). Running Windows 7.

I had the same problem at first, but setting both games to windows XP compatability sorted it out. It might still take a minute for them to load though.
Yeah there can be a slight pause when it gets to "Expanded Memory Detected." For my machine it's usually 3-4 seconds then the game starts. I'm guessing it's taking longer than that?
It's even longer if you have Roland enabled which is apparently default with the Gog install. As with that it has to load the SFX to the mt32 device first. Make sure your WINGCMDR.CFG has "a552" instead of "R" and if not then replace it. That will change it to the proper soundblaster and is a little faster with the opening.
@Dundradal - Yeah, I let it sit for almost a minute, maybe more with it being fullscreen, and when I Alt-Tabbed out, I probably had the now smaller window up for 5 or more minutes.

@wcnut & Plywood Fiend - I'll change up those settings when I get home tonight and see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the suggestions!
You guys may have solved this by now, but if you right click on the exec and "Run as administrator" it will let you play.
Yeah, the main problem with GoG's release is they have the games install in the Program Files folder by default. Vista and Win7 UAC (User Access Control) protect those folders from being modified. Having the default install in something like "C:\GAMES\GoG\" or something like that would have made things easier.