Who knows how to make a website?

Looking good! It's a good idea for a fan project, too -- I still play the Hammer's Slammer gamebook on occasion.
Very good looking, Quail. As a dedicated board gamer I have often tossed around the idea of a Wing Commander game. I composed an idea for a new Wing commander card game that plays more like a board game/gamebook...unfortunately due to the copyrighted material there's no way I could ever get someone to print the cards. If I could convince a major company to take on the game then I know who to contact at EA to obtain rights but all that takes money...:(

Anyway, keep us posted, Qual.
Are gamebooks similar to the Steve Jackson books? the ones with combat and dice, but with "if you wanna pick the skull, go to page 2938717"?

BTW, congrats, the site looks pretty good, especialy for a beginner. Keep it up!
looking good wish I still had time to make webpages like I used to. Thanks for adding more to the world of wingcommander and one more site to my favs list.
Hey QuailPilot. If you follow those links Frosty gave you and learn from them, you'll be fine. You'll need to know HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). If you use both properly (HTML for stucture only, no tables for your layout, and CSS for style) then your files will be smaller, your markup will be very easy to read, site-wide stylistic changes will only take changing one file (your CSS file), etc. Here are some links for you:

http://validator.w3.org: This will tell you if there are any syntactical problems with your markup.
http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/: This is the W3C's CSS site.
http://www.csszengarden.com/: This'll show you one of the coolest advantages of "HTML for structure/content, CSS for style." Click on each of the Designs in the menu on the right; each site looks completely different, but it's actually the same HTML file with a different CSS file attached to it.

Finally, if you want a good tool for your website, I've been told Dreamweaver 8 is high-quality. MX is pretty good, too, but stay away from anything less than that (I use DW4 at work, so I know from experience how bad it is). There are a few good free editors out there. The best free ones are for Linux (simply because "Linux" and "free" are more common together than "Windows" and "free" or "OSX" and "free"), but you can find a good one for Windows, too. Chami's HTML-Kit is good. I used that a few years ago to design my first few sites.

Anyway, I've posted another bloated post. Have fun.