Who is who in WC1 barrack screen?


Rear Admiral
Who is who in the barrack screen? Last one is Spirit? And beside her is Paladin?

I have always assumed as below

Left row closest first
Can't tell? Too small

Right row closest first
Can't tell? Too small.

Be interesting to know if there is an official listing?
I wonder if they were even intended to be the same eight pilots! If one didn't look like Paladin we might not even be trying to identify them at all. Oggy's list makes sense but the last two don't really match Knight and Hunter.
The one I have always assumed is Maniac could be Angel or Hunter, its impossible to tell as the resolution is so small, plus there are extra wing pilots in the briefing room, it might be one of the other wings? When you pick into it, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for characters to be in the rec room for you to talk to, then immediately asleep in the barracks.
Its interesting that on Academy TV the cadets have individual or double berths, there is no barracks that we see; maybe its a bit like the local fire station where the beds are for wings that are 'on call' as first response (If you were under attack, presumably you'd get up and get to your fighter, instead of pulling a 'Flash', but it'd take time if you are off duty in the berths)