Which to read first...

Which to read first?

  • End Run

    Votes: 9 69.2%
  • Fleet Action

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • The Price of Freedom

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Don't start yet! Wait for <insert book here> to come in, then read that! (post to identify book)

    Votes: 2 15.4%
  • Don't start yet! Wait for all of them, then ask again!

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OK, I've got a whole slew of WC books coming (let's say I went nuts, and leave it at hat).

They've just started arriving, so right now, in my possession, I've got End Run, Fleet Action, and The Price of Freedom.

Still to come are Action Stations, Heart of a Tiger, Pilgrim Stars (any day now), and WC: The Novel, Confed Handbook, False Colors, and Freedom Flight (coming later - few more weeks).

So my question is, should I get started immediately (and which one), or wait and start at the beginning?

(Perhaps I should make this a poll...)


Your best bet is to read them in chronological story order like this:
  1. Action Stations, skipping the prologue. Though the prologue takes place after the war, the content of the book takes place at the dawn of war.
  2. Run through the movie books in odrer of Confed Handbook, WC The Novel, Pilgrim Stars, and if you are willing the notes from Pilgrim Truth the CIC has
  3. Freedom Flight
  4. End Run
  5. Fleet Action
  6. Heart of The Tiger
  7. Action Stations prologue. You can read the whole book again if you like as well.
  8. False Colors
  9. Price of Freedom
  10. The next book to be released, whenever and whatever it is.
  11. Repeat from Step 1


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ACK! The Action Stations prologue is out of place in Meson's order. It comes last after The Price of Freedom.. reading it before TPOF will spoil the order. If you can't wait.. Reading End Run now and then taking up Meson's order wouldn't be bad.


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i Actually red the books out of order, because when i received them, i was in the middle of WC 3. So i started with the novelization of WC 3 and read it while i played the game, then when i played WC 4, i read that book. After that i wanted some more information about the Kilrathi attacks and the battle of Terra, so i read fleet action. Haven't read Freedom Flight or End Run yet though.


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One interesting difference i found between WC IV game and the book was that in the game the border worlds have their own types of fighters: Banshee, Vindicator, and Avenger. WHile in the book, a majority of the border worlds craft are obsolete confederation fighters from WC I, and II, such as the Rapier, Broadsword, ferret, and others. I think it would be kind of interesting to see that in the game.... probably make it a lot more challenging.

Don't get me wrong, i like the Banshee, Vindicator and Avenger. They're a lot better than the Hellcat and Longbow you get to fly on the confed side.


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I'd read Freedom Flight first, but of course you'd have to wait to acquire it first... :)

If patience is not your forte, go for End Run.


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Yeah, Freedom Flight is actually where I've started my Wing Commander students off (then quickly on to End Run and Fleet Action). Waiting for them to get through WC3 to continue, but I might have them dig into Action Stations pretty soon. Still perfecting the curriculum.


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END RUN is by far the best of all the books. In a close CLOSE CLOSE second is FLEET ACTION.

I really just like END RUN because of the character development and the incredible amount of action. There is so much resting on such a small ship. I feel the only downfall of the book is that it doesn't describe the Battle of Vukar Tag.


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Grr... the books stopped arriving...

But what's this Pilgrim Truth? I can't seem to find any information other than what the CIC already has. Heck, I can't find out if anyone's even selling it.

(For those who don't know, I'm coming into the WC world oh, about a month ago... and it seems interesting enough, and certainly different.)


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Originally posted by pygmypiranha
END RUN is by far the best of all the books. In a close CLOSE CLOSE second is FLEET ACTION.

Yeah, BY FAR my favorite vegetable is cauliflower.. but a CLOSE CLOSE second is celery.

Pilgrim Truth was never published.