Where The Hell Are My Space Kitties?!?!

Dammit! I just watched the WC movie on Sci-Fi for the first time, and WHERE ARE MY SPACE KITTIES?!?! What did they do to the Kilrathi? That's my biggest problem. Not even Paladin being FRENCH, of all things, bugged me that much. (Maniac actually getting laid, on the other hand...) But the treatment of the Cats is inexcusable. ESPECCIALLY in light of the fact that they actually have reliable Cat models on hand from Wing III and IV! Why not base it off those? Hell, that weird green stuff they did wasn't as good as the real inside of a Kilrathi vessel (rust-colored, red dominant light.)

I normally don't swear this much, but I'm really pissed right now.
Paladin is NOT french in the movie.

The Kilrathi in the movie were closer to the original idea Roberts had, plus, they were cheap. The movie had a very small budget, so taking the cheap route was required in some areas.
Chris apparently hated the WC3/4 Kilrathi (well... the 4 sucked... <G>).

I like how you can't say "balls" on TV.
For a moment, I thought this was about that Hanna-Barberra cartoon "Spacecats" from Saturday morning.

The Kilrathi were kept out of light because Robert's wasn't completely pleased with their look on camera.

Personally, I wish the DVD came with the "darkened" version of the movie, like it was in the theater. I think it gave the film a crisp, dark, evil edge to it. :)
Well, they weren't perfect, but they were pretty good.

I think a good look for a Kilrathi would sort of resemble the creatures in that Island of Dr. Moreau movie with Marlon Brando and Val Kilmer.

Whatever. :)
Roberts can't have hated them in III-IV. (OK, the IV models were nowhere near as good as III. Come to think of it, why didn't they use the same model? :confused: ) If that's true, then why do they look as they do in II? THE FEW PICS IN THE FIRST ONE, FOR THAT MATTER?!?! :mad: Same thing - nothing like the Hairless Cat in the movie. Kilrathi were lions and tigers (but not bears) (groan) from the outset.

EDIT: "Loins and tigers", indeed. LIONS and tigers.
Except the Kilrathi were stiff and puppetty in WC3 and 4... and they didn't look as catlike as they could have.

Yeah, they were like big cat like Muppets, the WCIV Melek even more so. Of course they WERE better than the WCM Kilrathi I must agree.
Just you.

As for the Kilrathi, it should be pretty clear that Roberts has never been pleased with them on film -- he keeps changing them...
I disagree with the opinion that the WC3 Kilrathi were stiff n puppety. I found them move with a kind of gracious beauty, like a cat. You could see that these creatures had to be incredible hunters.

Oh, and in my WC RPG (WEG SW rule system) I let my players battle a small batch of Kilrathi fighters led by Bhurak nar Cakxi. One of my players (the one who actually knows something about the older WCs) told me Starkiller is dead. Is this actually confirmed, or is he still alive?

Heh, if he's confirmed dead, I'll just throw in StarWars and CLONE him! Bwahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! :rolleyes:


I don't think there's anything in WC1/2 that makes him out to be distinctly french - he could as easily be scottish.
I have no idea why you just said that... but it's obvious with the way his speech is scripted that he's speaking with a scottish accent most of the time in WC1 and 2...

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The Kilrathi were never realistic cats.
REAL felines (even tigers and lions) sleep most of the time.
I guess that would've made a boring game... :D
"You pathetic decendant of *snore*zzzzz."

Oh yeh, you're right about the Paladdin thread - I was just looking through it, thinking "where the hell did my post go. hmmmm".

heh :)
Mmmhhh... in the "official" storyline, aren't all the aces you encounter supposed to be dead (since you gun them down each time)?