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No wonder Commodore Blair is always acting like he wants to rip their guts out and spit them into a pulsar in WC4 and Prophecy.
After Special Ops 2, Angel was transferred to Covert Ops. In 2669, Paladin ordered her to lead a team onboard a captured transport to Kilrah... before being captured in Kilrah orbit, her team set up the weapons depots in the systems asteroid fields, set up a surveillance satellite and studied Kilrah's plate techtonics. Angel was captured and executed by Thrakhath himself.
I suppose that you mean with los gatos paladin. He doesn't hate paladin, but wouldn't you punch the guy when he'd knew that your girlfriend died, and he didn't tell you ? ofcourse it's up to you ("puch the son of a bitch" or "Ah, Paladin is on my side")
I believe it would be more satisfying to punch him in the face, release a whole lot of tension. Guy deserved it.
Yes, but he was under orders. I think that this good old Tolwyn had something to do with it. Well, you can release the tention in the mission you just flew. You heave 6 waypoints, lot's of fighters and capships to fry (I thought at least 3 corvettes and 1 Light Destroyer)
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when does blair act like he hates 'los gatos'

By killing 30 billion of them:)?

(Or in Wing Commander 2 when he talks about how he hates the Kilrathi...)
yes, but thats in the past. in wc4 and prophecy i see no evidence of him hating them. remember when he talks to catscratch about being a true warrior? and when he talks to hawk about not fighting cats (i dont remember exact words)
If I were in Blairs shoes, i would also hate them. But not after the war i think. The cats did some nasty things with humans (eg Iceman). But i understand what kind of scars it left with Hawk.
I would and did not hate the Kats becuase they while they were the *enemy* most were just doing what their leaders told them to do and more importantly it is hatred that separates a killer from a warrior, I choose to be the warrior, the person who does not kill because of hate, but becuase it is the only way available to him to prevent the deaths of others
It just seems that the cats did horrible things to there enemy's. In the Kilrathy War, i hated them. After it, they were nothing more then allies.
Unthreatened, the Kilrathi started war which killed almost three trillion humans -- argue the political correctness of hating the enemy of you will, but I see no reason to like them simply because slaughter is their nature...
Yay, those aliens killed billions! But it's OK! It's in their nature!!! Huzzah! Come kill me Mr. Kilrathi!

Actualy if we belive that stuff about the bugs, its the bugs who started all that, if they did not scare the kilrathis back in cats stone age, perhaps the kilrathi would behave like house pets, just sleeping in the sun....
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