What's your favorite line from the game?

I have trouble picking a single line out of all the great ones flying around episode one. It makes sense that after that as the situation gets a lot more serious much of the humour goes away, but it does make for slightly less memorable lines.

"Forced to use the Satanic jump drive again!" and the Casablanca ref in the new opening come to mind.

Also for sheer relief of nervous tension, "No, Three is fine." (it's three, right? That was a long time ago) is up there.
"Bugs Bunny S$%@!@ his mother?" that one?
I have to say, I really hate that one. Yeah, doing a Fleet Action game, we were kinda obliged to put it in - but I was never happy about it. It was a really weak joke in the first place (oh, the Kilrathi can't tell that a cartoon has no cultural significance? Really?), so repeating it was pretty ridiculous.

...So naturally, we put it in the mouth of the character we made out to be the greatest Kilrathi ace of the period :). Somehow, this was tons better than having generic Kilrathi yelling it all the time.
Somehow, this was tons better than having generic Kilrathi yelling it all the time.

Mostly because we only have to hear it on two missions this way (and odds are you can send the guy packing in the first encounter before he comes out with it).
Well, mainly it's the fact that one stupid and/or ignorant Kilrathi is believeable and fun. He's their top ace, but apparently he's not that smart, which makes him more interesting as a character.

On the other hand, if your average Kilrathi used that taunt, that would mean the entire Empire of Kilrah has somehow managed to remain completely ignorant of the enemy they've been fighting for thirty years... and that would be harder to swallow (that, after all, is what makes the original joke in Fleet Action so weak).
I also have to give an honorable mention to the civvies. Some of their comms are absolutely hilarious especially some of their status comms.
"We are going kablewy!"
Concordia's escort destroyer.

I had to restart that mission because I got shot down being too busy laughing too hard.

"This is not over, heretic, we'll be back!"
-Female Retro

That was awesome!!!
So, I have a question about this. Did you deliberately space out the aforementioned somewhat clueless Kilrathi ace's dialogue such that "Always. But it is not I who will die today..." followed by a Dart DF into the Vatari's rear armour and *KABOOM* was distinct possibility assuming intermittent afterburner and halfway competent flying? It happened on 2 of my 3 attempts at that level. If so, it may be my new favourite.
No, we certainly didn't write the line based on the assumption the guy would get hit and die while speaking. It's something that can and does happen, but Sahtra was supposed to be a genuine hard-to-kill ace. That's why the first time you encounter him you're in a Stiletto - that way, at least he (sometimes) survives the first encounter. Which, in Wing Commander, is as impressive as aces get :).