What do you want in the HTL Finale?


Hey guys, Raptor here.

HTL's Loki battle is now in the dying stages, in more ways than one. [Evil Grin] After the Loki blood-bath though, the story will move on to the Finale in Nifelhiem. The Finale writing is well underway, but there's still time for you to influence how it alll turns out. So I'm giving you guys the chance to tell us what *you* would like to see in the Finale. I can't of course promise that we'll implement all of it (there's both storyline continuity and the writers' wishes to take into account) but we'll certainly listen and take note. So if there's some that you really want to see (no matter how wild or off the wall) let us know. Who knows, it might even happen.

Best, Raptor
One huge fleet battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be cool to have all the Humans ships VS the Aliens. Maybe even one of the inner world fleets arriving to join the fleet battle.
As enemies or allies? As enemies, they would probably overwhelm us, which would conflict with SO storyline. As allies, they might make winning too easy. I would prefer to avoid Deus Ex Machina if we can.

Best, Raptor
Now 'old on there, me boyo. I never said a devastating 'involvement'. I said an appearance. Kinda like the Nephilim appearance at the end of KOM. It's cute, and it hints at bigger things to come. I just thought the Steltek and Nephilim shared ability to open jump points (admittedly, the Steltek are far better at it) might be an interesting point of contention between the two...perhaps the Steltek are non-proliferationists.
Ah, I see. My mistake. Yeah, that might be interesting for future storylines. I'll see what the other writers think of it.

Best, Raptor
[Originally posted by Raptor Leader]

I would like to see an appearance by the FRLN and Kruger to save the day just like he did in Fleet Action.
Gah! Sorry, Raptor Leader, ignore any changes that might have been made to your post. I accidently wiped your post (still not used to being a mod) and had to re-type it from memory.

Anyway, you can take the appearance of the FLRN in the finale as a sure thing. :D

Best, Raptor
I have a question

I just read Harvest...why isn't Brandon "Avatarr" Alspaugh a regular writer for HTL? I never even thought about what it must have been like for Blair when he was caught by the Nephilem.

This was easily one of the top five chapters so far...I'd want to see something by him in the finale, given the choice.
Re: I have a question

Av's busy with a lot of things in real life, including his upcoming wedding. Plus he likes the freedom to chip in stories or write independant storylines, without being tied into a "regular" writing slot. As for more chapters from him, he's already written another one which will be released in the interlude between the Loki and the Finale. Feel free to him know you like his writing though, it might encourage him to write more for us. :)

Best, Raptor
Some things i would like to see:

-A Weird Task Force Crewed By Cadets In Stolen Capships(AWTFCBCISC)
-Steltek appearance(maybe a drone in a remote part of the combat that is intercepted and gunned down by hordes of nephilim and some Confees, but they weren't working together :p)
-The Inner Fleets
-When they think they have won, a new, bigger, bug fleet appears, but then, FRLN, the cats and a lot of other fleets appear to help :p(not so sure about this)
-A Behemot vs. a Kraken
-A clue to a ficctional explanation of what happened with Blair
-Some ships entering a wormhole that goes to nearby nephilim territories, but they sacrifice themselves to close the Wormhole and stop another fleet, after passing some clues.
-Someone recognising Voodoo

OOS: I have a question: How i begin a story in the aces?(i know the question is not related to HTL, but you are at the Aces too :p)
Er, do you want to see *all* or just some of those things? :)

As for writing for the Aces, all you have to do is to join the club. You can do that at Acenet Central, following the link from the CIC main page. After that, you're free to start writing stories whenever you want. You can either send them to the club via the mailing list published every two weeks, or you can just mail them to me at theraj@es.co.nz and I'll send them out.

Best, Raptor

Blair doesn't get gobbled by the bugs in the Aces chronology - way pefore WC:p came out he was ... dealt with, for reasons of creativity etc. The Aces universe is sort of an alternate reality in that respect.
Re: Blair

Heh. That certainly wasn't the only respect we went alternate universe back in the old days. :D One of my aims with the HTL finale (which will cover the events from the end of WC:p through to Secret Ops) is to get rid of some these anomalies and line the Aces up with the canon universe as much as possible. While I'm all for building on and expanding what we have been shown in the canon, I think the Aces have to stay recognisably Wing Commander, rather than becoming general science fiction.

Best, Raptor
Yes, well I haven't read that much of the oldtimers stuff, so it never really bothered me. I just sort of write round it.
Heh. Well, it doesn't really bother me either. I have a hell of a lot of respect for the Club's old timers like Mustang. It's just that I want to make the Aces more a part of the mainstream WC community. With the fandom mainly being diehards like us now, with fewer new people coming, we can't afford for the community to splinter into small groups.

Best, Raptor
Aces stuff

Though certainly un-canon by any reasoning, the Aces never were and shouldn't be now considered any kind of "Alternate Universe" to the rudimentary WC canon universe. Every instance of conflict in the Aces' timeline can be explained away... except the Blair debacle with him joining the Gemini Alliance in 2674, going crazy, and then killing a bunch of people before committing suicide a year later. This conflict can be dealt with in two ways by Aces members or readers : 1) Ignore the whole Blair scenario entirely, though still wholly acknowledging the Secession War that happened around it. 2) Acknowledge that it happened by then taking into account Avatarr's somewhat recent "A Blair for All Seasons," which actually finds a way to explain this ugly duckling entry on the Aces timeline. General rule of thumb? Everything written within "official" Aces PBM are club-canon unless a true canon entry in the WCU (i.e., another game, the TV series coming out, etc.) directly and unquestionably contradicts it.

Slawter : Some of your wishes might come true, and at least one already has. Voodoo? One of my own team's stories in HTL had a great deal of Voodoo in it (readable here : http://htl.solsector.net/loki1.htm & http://htl.solsector.net/loki2.htm). As for the FRLN, I don't see any reason they couldn't be included in HTL's finale (they're supposed to be good buddies with the UBW, trading tech & such with them in the WC4 novel) and actually don't see why they wouldn't have been involved in HTL a great deal sooner, what with ConFleet refusing to release the Inner Fleets at all and there's Max Kruger just sitting on the whole Free Republic of Landreich Navy's Fleet.

That Behemoth bit... I doubt it. :) The Steltek bit, also doubtable, but you can see them to a greater degree in the WCX series of stories (for the URLs check out the "fan fiction" forum on these forums).

- Neo