What do you like to say when you make a KilI?

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Col. Bob

Like the title says, what do you like to say when you shoot down (or are about to shoot down) an opponent? Below are a handfull of my phavourite phraggin' phrases!

In General

"Ohhh. Pretty!"

"Say goodnight, muthaf_cka"

When going against Kilrathi (Cats)

"Aww, Puddy Tat get all bwoed up."

"I taut I taw a Puddy Tat!"

When going against Nephilum (Bugs)

"I kill Bugs good"

"Time to smoke a Roach!"
Considering modern WC games have like 30-50 kills per mission, at a ratior of a kill every 4 seconds, I don't think most people care enought to say something. Maybe on a great victory, like the endgame, or a mission you had to replay several times...
i'm the silent type. i just kill 'em, then move on to the next. sometimes i'll have something to say about the departed, if their last taunt is good enough, but mostly i'm just a quiet killin machine
Been playing Privateer lately. Any time I kill someone in mid-taunt, I can't help but let out a Nelson-style "Ha ha!"
Here's a few choice quotes:

"Doom on you Kilrah."
"Comin to get ya Sivar."
"Hey, was that Colson?"
"Add that to your repair bill."
"Think I'm good, you should see (Spirit, Paladin, Angel, Bossman, Iceman, Hunter, ect)"
"I'm not forfeiting my body count." When I'm struggling to stay on the winning track.
"Just bring it." In reply to taunts.
"Kablooey!" Usually when taking out a big target, like a Sivar or the Lexington, or the Vesuvious.
"Awww, you forfeit your body count."

And yes, I have this as well.

"That one's for Mariko." Sometimes I'll say Jean (Angel) as well.
That's got to leave a mark! is my personal favorite

Along with Ooops, you blew it (great obscure Nick Cage movie)

Originally posted by Delance
Considering modern WC games have like 30-50 kills per mission, at a ratior of a kill every 4 seconds...

Man, I wish I were that good.

Anyway, yes ChrisReed I do say those things when people are around. Like these little nuggets of joy inspired by the works of Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith.

"The Captain has just tuned on the 'Drop Your Pants' sign, 'Cause you're about to take it in the A__."

"I own your b_tch a__, muthaf_cka"

"Snooch to the Nooch."

or "Snoochie Boochies."

"Kneel before Zod!"

"Die (Muthaf_cka, B_tch, P_ssy [It's not just for Kilrathi], Cat, Bug. take your pick), Die!
--"DAMN, I'm good!..."

(said at maximum volume):



--"Mark it down!"
"Come on... WTF... come on, you sonuvabitch... right there! BAM!"

"Bug on windshield! Film at 11!"
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