What car do you drive?


What cars do you drive?
I think thats quite an intersting question.
"Tell me what car you drive and i tell you
who you are" ;)

I drive a black mazda 3 turbodiesel ( pretty common in europe )
130 hp


VW Pointer Cl i 1996.

It looks like this one.


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1988 Ford Mustang (P.O.C.- piece of crap) and 2006 Suzuki Bandit 1200s (motorcycle). The bike is much more fun on long mountainous roads.


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2006 Mazdaspeed6. In Europe I believe it's known as the Mazda6 MPS, and in some Asian markets it's called the Atenza (though whether they use the Mazdaspeed or MPS branding I don't know.)

270hp, 280lb/ft, 4-wheel drive, and a curb weight somewhere around 3600 pounds. While it's technically classed as a compact in this country, it's not a small car, and a few of us from the #Wingnut crew are going to take it down to D*C this year.

I got the "Sport" model which lacks powered and heated two-tone leather and moonroof, but mine does have the GPS navigation package.

Sorry it's so filthy, I've been a horrible slacker and haven't washed it in 3 weeks.

I have a bunch of interior shots and other angles taken with my only-moderately-shitty camera phone if anybody cares.


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A 1997 Chevy S-10 4cyl that looks like crap but runs like a champ. My brother bought it brand new and handed it off to me and my whole family has beat the living crap out of it and it still runs and handles as good as new, even with 200,000 miles on it.:D


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Daily, I drive a '97 T-bird (V8) with 178,000 miles :)

I've also got a '91 Mustang GT which I have largely redone. I stripped the car down (even took the doors off, the entire interior was out) and repainted it. It's getting about ready to go now.


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Jeez, some of you drive older cars than me...

1990 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

Still gets about 30 MPG. In the city.


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It's a little more bruised now than in this pic, but here's mine, a 1995 Eagle Talon TSi, taken from right after I got it back from getting a new paint job (gotta love that mid-90s paint... :rolleyes: ).


Right now it just has a K&N airfilter replacing the stock airbox, but eventually I plan on doing some performance mods.


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An ugly, overly-touchy green 99 Ford Escort.

It recently died and is going to cost a ton to fix, so I'm just going to trade it in at the used car dealership and get a Metro or Civic or something.


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I've owned two Escorts and they always did well by me. (Well, the 1998 I had for all of 3 months did well by me until someone blew a red light...)

Whats the problem with yours?

EDIT: I lack a picture of my actual car, but this is it - except in green.



2000 Ford Ranger for the daily commute, and a '79 (Landreich Edition) 'Vette on the weekends.


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