Welcome! (August 20, 2023)


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Welcome to the CIC's 25th Birthday Party! It's unbelievable that a quarter century has passed, but time flies when you're having fun! We've got a nice slate full of items to share today, but the best part of the event is being able to connect with so many friends and fellow fans. Today wouldn't be possible without the contributions of so many of you. And on that note, to kick things off, we've got an exciting clip by Scribbler to help set the stage for what's to come!

Congratulations to the Wing Commander Community on their 25th anniversary!

Original update published on August 20, 2023
Hard to believe that 25 years have passed! thats quite a milestone.
Loving all the Prophecy docs. Hats off to the $1,000 donation to make it happen, thats gotta be Pewter Planet worthy!
again all the best from me and many thanks for this great forum here and the much work that has been invested here. for the next 25 years :)