Website update, July 10th


Mission programmer
Here is this week's update:

One month to go

Crap, one month left :-P. We're definitely gonna be cutting things close. But what the hell, I mean, it is the last episode, so it's allowed to be a race to the finish ;-).

By the way, since I mentioned last week that we finished all the additional voiceovers for the new cutscenes, this is a good opportunity to throw some pointless numbers at you :-P. So... following all the additions, Episode 1 now has a grand total of 710 lines of voiceovers. Episode 2 has gone up slightly as well, to 541 lines. While we're at it, Episode 3 had 460 lines, Episode 4 had 553, and Episode 5 will (if Tempest moves his ass... or at least his vocal chords) have a total of 747 lines.

So, that means Standoff as a whole will have 3,011 lines of voiceovers. Now, I know quantity isn't quality, but I hope this goes a little bit towards explaining why Standoff's taken so long to complete. It's a huge damn cow of a mod that has, over the years, gotten way bigger than we had originally planned.

Anyway, what's been going on this week? Pretty much the same things as last week - ship improvements, music, and a huge bug testing & fixing effort. Our automated patching system turned out to be really useful for this. Getting new versions to the testers is easier than ever.


Alex Von T.
tick tick tick tick. seriously though, you guys are totally great for putting this much effort in right now!


wow... you people really weren't lying when you said there was a lot to translate ~~~ (and that count is not having in account all the emails....)

Anyway, just 1 more month :)


I was gonna replay episode 1-4 to get some practice b4 ep 5 comes out, but since you guys added content to previous episodes, I'm gonna w8 until those come out with ep in august.

Thanks so much for all the effort you all put in this mod.
I've rarely, if ever, seen a free mod of such a high quality for any game.
Pat yourselves on the back from me :)