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Hey guys got a tech question here

Well I finally moved into my campus apartment. Installed my a Linksys B/G wireless pci card into a desktop computer I built. Installed the software. Followed the instructions on my wireless internet agreement. And tried to generate a new IP address but it didnt have enough signal strength. Moved the antennae and the tower and got less reception. Went from 2 bars (about 11.0 mbps) to 0 (less than 1 mbps).

I was wondering if there was a way to get better reception with the pci card wireless nic or if I am going to have to take that thing back to walmart (which probably wont happen because I lost the ticket).

The only idea I have had is to put a coaxial cable and rabbit ears on it. I'm partially certain that the coax cable will fit on the card but I dont know if thats a good idea.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/ideas/comments.
You might want to try using one of the higher gain antennas that Linksys has available. Or it could be that your computer really is interfering with the wireless network (is it a 2.4GHz computer (real clock speed - I think that would be like a AMD 3200+ or something), by any chance?).

Do you control the other end (the access point)? If so, you might want to invest in better antennas for it as well. If not, you're probably on the edge of coverage for the wireless network. (Though, honestly, for campus apartments, they typically provide real Ethernet prots that work much better...).

It really depends how you want to do it - use the wired port if you can, if not, you'll have to invest in better antennas and possible aim them at the access point. If it's still not good, I would suggest a better wifi card, or a higher gain antenna.
@Worf... Thanks

These are brand new apartments. I am the first occupant in my room. My neighbor doesnt have any reception either. I just control my end. The people at the help desk aren't very nice. And there arent any ethernet ports around and my free local access phone doesnt work either.

[Edit: I was just trying to suggest that they rushed putting the apartments together. Also we're on Wireless B]

I do run an AMD XP 2800+ but it's a 1.8 Ghz.

I'll look around for higher gain antenna. And what's a wifi card?
Yeah, we really need more information on the source generating the wireless internet. Where is this router or access point located? It sounds like your apartment is positioned poorly in relation to the router more than anything. The wifi card is the piece of equipment you put in your computer to access the wifi in your apartment. Linksys is good, so it's probably no fault of that that your signal quality is poor.

Should I go lean on the internet help desk people and plead for a booster down in the Fire Extinguisher closet down the hall or what?

After some google hackin I learned a little bit. I think if I can find a corded antenna and get it about 5 feet from all the electronics in my room I could get reception. Hopefully.
There are actually plenty of hacks to get extra range as well as third party antennas. Some antennas are so good, you can shoot miles to the accesspoint.

Since you're in college, though, a cheap solution is to use some cheapo Chinese cookware and turn it into a parabolic dish. You probably should buy a new USB adapter though, since you cang et a nice long cord from that, and makes it easier to use said reflectors.

How-to guide: http://www.usbwifi.orcon.net.nz/

Alternative is to buy some harder to find but much better wifi adapters - I like Netgate (www.netgate.com) for they have everything wifi related - cards, antennas, and the cables that go between them.
Claymore said:

Should I go lean on the internet help desk people and plead for a booster down in the Fire Extinguisher closet down the hall or what?

The "booster" might not even be as good as the receiver you have now. I'd complain that the service they provide is inadequate and doesn't work.
Have you tried changing the wireless channel? My wireless almost didn't work at all on the default channel, but it was fine once I changed it.