We Got Him!!!

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This seems more like a bad April fools joke, especially sense this is the first that I'm hearing about this all day. (2:49 am on Monday) Still, it is obviously no joke, President wouldn't state something this factual if it wasn't true.

Bandit LOAF

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Zounds, maybe it was Psych. I assume he's a SEAL now, after his years and years of constantly bragging about it.

Wait, no, he's assigned to the part of the Navy that quietly reloads the chat zone over and over and indignantly emails me whenever he's mentioned.

Maniac II

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What Devgru?

Short for NAVSPECWARDEVRGU, which is itself short for Naval Special Warfare Development Group, formerly Navy SEAL Team 6. They're the US Navy's premier anti-terrorism unit and, according to the news, they're the ones who killed him.
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