WC's best fighter and bomber of all time


Keeping in mind the greatness of each ship in its respective heyday. From WC1-WCP, which is the overall best Fighter and Bomber?

My personal favorite

fighter = dragon

bomber = broadsword


Broadsword. you could fight the good fight with fighters as well as nuke many cap ships in one run. If I must pick a fighter its the morningstar. A tacnuke and two torps ( if I recall) 3 particle cannons, yeah...... maniacs wet dream our plaything!

Janet Noslen

Best fighter - Dragon
Best bomber - Longbow

biggest buzz - promoted to Scimitar for the first time in WC1
fond affections - Gothri, Hellcat
coolest design - Rapier II
satisafying gun loadout - Raptor
Nicest missiles - Longbow again
enthralling cockpit art - Epee, Hellcat

got carried away:D


Come on how many of these threads are there? Besides we all already know the excalibur is the best fighter/bomber of all time. :) Seconded by the thunderbolt.

Plus its just wicked looking.


gh0d (Administrator)
Out of curiosity, how can the Dragon be the "best of all time"? It only exists for all of a few months as an operational craft being actively used, half a year at most. :)

(Never mind that it's a somewhat lousy plot device created by lazy writers... :p )


Vice Admiral
I've always had a real soft spot for the Rapier, it was fast, it was well armed, and it really allowed you do what you wanted to do with it


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For my tastes, I loved the Sabre. I could bomb cap ships and fight any fighter the kilrathi had to throw at me. I like having afterburners; otherwise I'd vote broadsword for bombing.

The sabre was jump capable to...it really could do just about anything that was required of it...


Vice Admiral
Best fighter: Excalibur, followed closely by the Arrow.

Best F/A: Sabre

Best bomber: Broadsword


Super Carrot!
Best Fighter: Ferret (even without missiles... I never really used them alot in WC2, anyway)

Best Bomber: Grikath


Rear Admiral
Best fighter: Scimitar or Thunderbolt. both fighters felt like they had history.
Best bomber: Avenger

Mjr. Whoopass

<FONT color=lightblue><B>I was going to say someth
Best fighter: Dragon (unlimited cloak, unlimited afterburners, slide capable, carries flashpak's or torps).
Best Bomber: Dragon.. Being able to cloak while you approach your target.. the enemy never knew what hit them. It may have been short lived, but I think it was the best fighter/bomber of all in its respective heyday.


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Best Fighter - Excalibur.
Beeing a superfighter, it still had a soul, unlike the Dragon. Having the choice i'll take Excalibur if only I dont have to put down lots of capships.
Best bomber - Vindicator: ugly but really fast and manouverble

Janet Noslen

Is it fair to say that the arrow is the best light fighter of all time?

After playing the Saga prologue, I'm starting to think so!
I love just afterburning around the task force and hugging the deck when passing over stuff! so much fun!

regards the dragon, yeah, i know it has no soul, and WC4 was all over so quickly before you could get used to it, but take this scenario

2 Col. Blair clones have a duel - one in Excalibur one in dragon. Who'll win? DragonBlair hands down.
To answer this, you really have to take it by game:

WC1: Best Fighter - Rapier (hands down) Best Bomber/Strike: Raptor
WC2: Best Fighter - Rapier G (tough with the awe-inspiring Ferret :D) Bomber: Sabre (hands down)
WC3: Best Fighter - Excalibur Best Bomber - Longbow (I HATE Thunderbuckets)
WC4: Best Fighter - Bearcat!!! Best Bomber - Flashpack Dragon ;)
WCP: Best Fighter - Vampire Best Bomber - Devastator
WCSO: Best Fighter - Black Panther Best Bomber - Black Devastator