WCP install problems


I have a pentium 4 2.66ghz computer with 1gig of ram and an 80g hd. less then half of the hd is full. I also have a soundblaster audigy 2 and a geforce fx 5750 ultra graphics card. When i try to install prophecy gold addition i get something that pops up about a floppy disk. Then after i bypass that it says i don't have enough space on the hd to install the program. Does anyone have an idea what this could be?
Sorry, I didn't read good, you talk about prophecy gold "addition"... I never installed that but sounds colloquially how old installer programs that's not can calculate the total space on disk. You have 80g. disk without partitions? I think that's the problem.
Original "addition" came in floppy format?
Yeah I don't have any partitions at all. There is an 8gb buffer or something though. Is there anyway around this at all that you know of?
When I did my first response I thought the problem was WCP and not "addition", sorry I can not help you because I never installed the addition, I only have installed WCP or SO in XP and changing the exe to win95 compatibility work fine.
Maybe you have to review some support notes into the installer, maybe that can be installed manually.
This problem occured to me with several games. Reasons were two different ones:
1. The Proggy was simply unable to calculate free space correctly.
Solution: I uninstalled another game temporarly or alternatively installed another one. After that, it was able to install.
2. The Proggy doesn't like NTFS. This happened to me with Pod. Solution: You need a FAT32 partition. :(

I hope this helps you somehow.