[WCP] Any way to adjust the volume of in-flight comms?


There are sliders for movies, sfx, and music, but not for the in-flight comms. I feel they are a bit louder than I'd like compared to the other parts of the game. Because of this I find myself turning down the volume in flight, and then cranking it back up when a movie starts. Is there any way to change the volume of the in-flight comms?


Escape -> Options -> Audio and Video -> Volume Control (Movies)
If you're not using the DVD patch this will impact all movies


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If it *is* an issue with the DVD movies being quiet compared to the rest of the game, then one fix (if you've installed the k-like codec pack) is to use the codec tweak tool to boost the gain on AC3 audio. When you open the codec tweak tool, under "configuration" click 'directshow filters" then choose AC3 filter under "audio decoders" and you should get a panel that looks like this: