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A quick question:
Is there any form of standard beginners deck for this game? Deck building seems to be far from trivial from the manual so I wonder if the start packages are pretty much constant (all have the same cards plus minus some) and form a solid deck for the first few plays. If not does any one have a suggestion for a deck that is noob friendly for a first game?


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Actually the sealed starters are quite random and quite good for beginners. At DragonCon we only thought to bring like two starters and two boosters, and this somehow worked wonderfully for four player games. We just randomly cut the cards up both times and we were fine (starters for one-faction only, boosters have a mix of cards for terran and kilrathi). It worked amazingly well. There were certain cards that certainly provided a big advantage when they came into play. If someone with some experience were to customize up a deck, they could be pretty formidable. But we were able to conduct some great plays, and there were counters and counter-counters to be had all around. The game's really great. I'd just start with a sealed starter and start picking and choosing as necessary to customize more towards the style you develop.


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I'd be interested in the deck contents people play with. It's been at least 3 years since I played the CCG and when I played I only (or even never, can't remember) once had a game ended with the enemy's carrier destroyed. The vast majority of games were always ended by one side running out of Power points.

So, what's your deck size and what do you put in it (if it's not a well guarded secret)?

IIRC, I never used Darkets or Longbows and relied heavily on the Thunderbolt and Vaktoth and Strakha. Lots of weapon systems (IR missiles and improved shields/TAC computers, very rarely torpedoes), for the Terrans many pilots and medals, for the Kilrathi only the known pilots. I hadn't a really clear concept, I admit...


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Ive had the cards for a while - in fact, I had them before I even played a WC game in ernest - and bought some last year. Its really an easy little game - but Ive never played it. Id love to get my hands on another Starter Deck or two - since my only deck is ConFed as I don't have enough Kilrathi cards to make a decent deck.