WC4 Remake

Been playing Star Wars Squadrons recently with the Quest 2, and it got me wondering if any other WC-like games might be available in VR. Super excited to find this project. I don't have the skills called for, but definitely rooting for you guys!

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I'm new here to CIC, I've been wanting to join for a while, just put it off, I guess. Really nice to now finally connect with other WC fans and fanatics as myself. I look forward to this project and hope it succeeds or maybe bring some heart, nostalgia, and overall joy, and perhaps encourage any new young or old players who never got the chance to experience. such an epic (possibly life shaping game "as was for me ") to many other potential players at least if not just for the beloved fans. Thank you and I will look forward to this "venture." Good Luck, Dismissed! kidding....
How is the project coming along, any updates?

There's progress in two areas, hopefully we will have updates soon.
That said life has been pretty hectic for me at home and at work so it's been slow going since the demo. ODVS is in a similar position.
I'm treating this as a long term project, working on it when I have the time so progress has always been stops and starts and will continue to be the case; a lot won't happen and then it's all at once. The quiet periods are normal :) Hopefully work will return to normal in a couple of months and I can find some real time for the project.