WC3 Problem


Hey guys,
i'm totally new to this forum but it's great to find some other people who still keep WC in mind.

Well here is my problem. I've play up to CD 4. I completet the first ground mission where you have to rescue the scientist. The video is shown where you see the jum sequence, everything fine so far. After that you find yourself in the hangar but every time i go to the control room the game crashes before i can save it. So i`m stuck beetween CD 3 and CD 4 and there is nothing I can do.

I hope someone has an idea what to do or can give me a savegame for that point. I tried everythin. Without sound, with sound...

Please help!!! :(
Thats a very odd bug. Does either disc need cleaning?
I cleaned it again and again. Well the discs are in a bad condition but it worked till now. The game also crashed before sosmetimes but cleaning the disk always helped except this time. The main problem is that i dont know if the cd is completely broken or only at this point of the game thats why i asked for a savegame.

But thx anyway for the quick answer :)
I'd suggest simply replacing your copy of the game if this keeps happening. Germany was a huge market for Wing Commander - I'm sure you can get new copy on the cheap from Ebay.
There are a lot of copies of III out there as I have been researching recently, and you should be able to get a copy pretty easily. Good luck.:)
I finally fixed the problem by editing my savegame. skipped one mission but at least I was able to play the game to the end.

And I was able to get a copy of WC IV for about 7€ from ebay :D

thx for the help :)