WC3 on Crazy


Wow. Much, much tougher. Can't role with my T-bolt on most missions like I used to. The Ekapshi are crazy difficult. At least your wingman get better.

Sometimes it feels more realistic, but other times it is unrealistic (first mission after the Behemoth gets destroyed for instance).


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Autoslide has one huge advantage - it allows you to extend the duration of your afterburner fuel considerably.


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I think if you got really good at the slide, you'd be able to pull crazy maneuvers like spinning on a dime and shooting at the ships behind you while still maintaining your initial forward velocity. I'm not sure I've heard of people actually consistently utilizing that kind of tactic though. I'm not sure it'd even be that hard, it's just a crazy wacky new mechanic in WC3 compared to what the previous games could do, and most of us were entrenched in our dogfighting habits.


How so actually? I used it mostly for capship attacks and did not find it to be a big help...
I thought is was quite helpful against capships. On Ace or below; yeah, it probably does not offer a huge advantage over normal "hit-and-fade" tactics.

Taking out Pahktans, Vaktoths and Sorthaks with the Arrow also becomes noticeably easier since you do not have to stay on their 6 o'clock and expose yourself to the rear turret fire.