WC3 novel...


Thanks, sup... And well, according to LOAF... we were both right! So here's some change:

"You're right, Supdon"

And we both beat LOAF to it ;)

Together, we shall rule the Chat Zone like... two losers with nothing better to do than to outdo someone who has a little bt better to do *lol*


*puts on party hat*

*realizes what the party is for*

*shoots self with mass driver*

*realizes there are no mass drivers yet*

*slouches and moans*


212 Squadron - "The Old Man's Eyes And Ears"
Originally posted by Bandit LOAF
I remember reading Action Stations during a series of Holiday science lectures... which they broadcast on TV... and I taped... so I have tapes of myself in the audience reading Action Stations instead of listening to the lecture...

Once again, LOAF shows what is TRUELY important in life! :)