WC2 with XP help


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I know this has probably already been covered in a MILLION other places, but I just needed help getting started installing the deluxe edition of Wing Commander 2 using Windows Xp.
WOW that was easy.

One last thing, how could I go about creating a shortcut that would take me straight into the game without opening dosbox seperately?
There is a way to set up multiple dosbox.conf files though. Anything you put at the end of the file in the autoexec section will run everytime you run dosbox so you can set it to run WC2 automatically. Also you can have multiple copies of dosbox installed at the same time, even differing versions. So the easiest solution would be to have multiple dosbox installs with varying config files.
Okay NOW I seem to be having another issue.

Whenever I switch dosbox to fullscreen it seems to be little off-center for some reason.

...ok, nevermind. Problem solved