WC2 ITTS/autotracking? (Sabre, Epee)


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WC2 memory: When using ITTS in WC2, did having the ITTS reticle in your crosshairs affect your shot trajectory? I think I remember the Sabre and Epee having shot convergence of a sort if and only if you'd managed to center the ITTS reticle when firing. Sometimes the shots would still miss, but you could see the shot trajectories cross in the distance if you fired at close range. This was more evident with the Sabre, since the gun spacing was quite wide and you could still miss small targets at close range with ITTS active.

Maybe a primitive form of autotracking was available to the more advanced fighters in the WC2 era? The Sabre's gun mounts look like they might be partially articulated. That might make the Excalibur's autotracking guns a refinement of a developing technology as opposed to a completely new development.

Of course, this is all game-engine conjecture, since nothing about autotracking or articulated fighter's guns is mentioned anywhere in the WC2 documentation or game text... but maybe I'm wrong? Is anything mentioned about WC2 targeting technologies besides ITTS?

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I don't remember, but I honestly don't think so - at the very least there's nothing in the documentation about this feature.

(As for the autotracking on the Excalibur - it's a new feature on that specific ship in-continuity... but you can still set the difficulty down low and have it on any of the WC3 fighters.)

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Ghosts in the machine, Control, but I’m checking here. No. Nada. Nothing. You’re letting your imagination run wild.


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WC2's Saber and Broadsword have ITTS auto-convergeance. The other ITTS ships probably have it, too, but those two ships have the most noticable effect.