WC2 Bug in Novaya Kiev Missions 2/3.


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So I just played Novaya Kiev and in Mission 2 I refueled when I was inbound to the Kilrathi Depot. On outbound I radio'd the transport and asked for refuel and nothing happened. I went and jumped out... Mission 3 started, I autopiloted to the ejected pilot and at the first nav point the refueling animation played... before I was dumped into combat. This was WC2 Deluxe Edition DOS on a P1 90mhz.
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I didn't see any issues in my Twitch playthrough (I'm using the GOG version), but I'll try to get back to that mission to see if I can repeat that bug. That said, I don't remember seeing that bug even when I first played the game almost 30 years ago, and I do remember that you can refuel twice.