WC1 turned inside out

Interesting reading.
I'll have a look to see if I can find the source code for my stalled project (WCE). It's not pretty code at all, but if it helps at all, then I'm more than happy to do that.

I would be VERY interested to see if you manage to solve what I could not; What piece of data tells the game that a ship is important to the objective and how is that then referenced for the debriefing.
Okay, here's some files...

The first one 'fullmodule000.txt' is me taking a full dump of the file in ascii and trying to organise it into recognisable blocks, in order to visually find patterns (I'm useless at getting computers to do that and so am relegated to the hard slog of analysing data line by line)
This might be useless to you, but you never know. I always found it much easier to identify what data was doing when it was pulled into arranged blocks.

The second file 'main.txt' is the source code of WCE.exe
You'll see that it is very messy. It was due a clean up that never happened for reasons well documented on my own thread.

If you can use these to map the data then that would be great. Such a project could easily get my WCE project back up and running.

Any questions, please ask and I'll do my best to remember things :)


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Short update: I am still working on the first release.
Attached you'll find a screenshot of how the cutscene display currently looks.


I hope to be able to release the first version during this week.

Despite the early stage: feedback on the screenshot is welcome :)
I'll have a look when I can print that out at work (I work better that way) but I have an inkling that I might be on to what some of those unknown variables do.
You will find the full dump in briefing.000.txt which I appended to an earlier post.
Though, the commands are not listed as verbosely in that textfile as in the screenshot.

Hope to be able to release soon, I have to overcome some problems with my shiny new virtual web server...
Nice to see progress being made on this. I remember when Flashpoint was working on this but was unable to continue.

I went through the code a long time ago and did my best to flow chart the conversation. You can see some of that outcome in our wiki mission section that Dun and I posted.
What I'm looking forward to most with this project is the conversation flow so that I can test what I created soooo long ago.

I loved when they didn't have time to write the phonetics and put in the "subliminal messages" like "Phonetic: Bimorgameslikwincamandertoo"
Now everyone know the REAL reason Wing Commander sold so well. LOL JK! ;-)
I've only been looking at this for a few minutes, but I'd like to suggest a change if it is possible.
I love that the sections open in tabs, makes it easy to switch between stuff. However it is a pain the tabs scroll off the top of the right hand pane. Any chance of putting that into a frame of its own, so you can switch between bits more easily?

EDIT: This comment should have been on another thread.
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Yes, I've been looking into this already briefly.

I will definitely address it in the next release.
This was not meant as a jab at you Flashpoint. I have many WC projects alone that I have not finished or release for various reasons. This just happens to compliment the WC text flowchart project that I have worked on and would help me test it much easier then playing each mission 10+ times (time which I don't have) to see if I did it right.

Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.

Totally missed that all this great work was going on! So glad to see you gathering all this data, delMar!

One of my dead projects from a couple years back was a clone of WC1, written in Python. It's nowhere near complete, the flight engine isn't even started, but it's what got me down the path of decoding what I did. I doubt I have anything you don't already have, but just in case, all my work to date can be had here.
Thanks, Omega.

I'm glad you like it.

It's a product of some very yielding past discussions right here at the CIC's forums.
You have been a major participant back then, so you deserve credit.
I doubt I have anything you don't already have, but just in case, all my work to date can be had here.

I found the time to briefly browse your zip file today.
The textfiles where you describe the contents of the game resource files are plain awesome.

I think I could spend two weeks with programming (no eat, no sleep), just to incorporate all the new information you have provided :)

Thanks alot.